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Small Apartment Decorating Tips

Small Apartment Decorating Tips

Many people nowadays don’t exactly live in their own private mansions, so small homes are more or less a norm in many areas. When it comes to smaller places, you will need to be careful to make a good balance between the practical sides of your living space and decorations. When you do have smaller spaces you need to get creative with your decoration and storage opportunities. The tips ahead will give you more information:


  • Use of mirrors

There is a good way to fool the eye into believing your living space is larger, such as placing mirrors in strategic locations. Two larger mirrors on opposing walls or some facing a window will allow you to do just that with varying levels of success.

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  • Making a gallery of art

If you happen to live in a small home that has a second floor or basement, then you can use your free walls and other spaces. You can get some nice and fairly inexpensive solutions to wall decorations in the form of photographs, paintings and other art or similar things.


  • Smart use of shelving

Since you will need to save up as much space as you can around your home, you will benefit greatly from the use of floating shelving. You can also hang some vases on your walls or ceilings for added decoration, getting both to blend together into a seamless whole.


  • Using frames

If you have any empty walls you feel will need more in terms of decorations, you can use the chance to fill them with something that matters in terms of decorations. Do keep in mind you will also need to deal with house cleaning and carpet cleaning every so often, so you will need to look for good materials and decorations that happen to be easier to clean in the long run.

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  • Using plants

Since we really enjoy having them around a home, they happen to be a welcoming opportunity to create a pleasant environment without too much effort. Plants will also help purify the air of your home without too much difficulty involved to make a difference. Avoid using fake plastic plants, since they don’t have any actual benefits like their living counterparts.


  • Proper lighting

If you work things out alright, the lights of your home will really help change the way any room looks with a few easy touches. Put up some nice pendant lights in the smaller areas and you will have a nice ambiance to work with. Wall sconces will also get the job done quite nicely; making rooms well-lit without taking too much space and making the room feel crowded with decorations.


  • Layers upon layers

You would benefit from having different layers of decorations around your home, creating the environment you really want while avoiding certain elements you dislike. For example, storage ottomans and baskets are a great way to get started in keeping your items hidden from view, while at the same time allowing you to take care of all other details of the job.

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