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Six Items You Can Easily Replace In Your Home For A New Look

Even if you love your home, sometimes you just need a change. Unfortunately, a major change usually requires a major investment, so consider some less costly ways to transform your home into something new and fresh. Here are six items you can replace in your home for a new look without breaking the bank:


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Changing accessories such as pillows, artwork or other décor is the simplest way to freshen up a room. A few little pops of color can make a big difference. Not only can you change the accent colors, you can also change the entire tone of a room, making it more modern or more sophisticated. This does not require a complete remodel and can actually be changed seasonally if wanted.


While more costly than pillows or throw rugs, getting new furniture is certain to give your home a fresh, new look. Furniture should be durable enough to last you years of use and continue looking great, says the professionals at Crowley Furniture. If you can’t afford to replace everything, consider buying one or two great new pieces. If that is still too much for your budget, switch it up a bit and swap several pieces of furniture from different spots in the house. They may not be new, but they will certainly feel new.

Wall Color

Get creative and take off dated wallpaper or change wall colors. Painting one wall in a contrasting color will give the room a dramatic effect on a modest budget. Adding an inspired design element, such as stripes can also bring new life to an old look.


Changing curtains is one of the quickest and most noticeable changes you can make. Not only can you create a new accent color, you can also completely change the style of a room by updating your curtains. Whether you are going for a modern, traditional or bold look, curtains can bring out any style you are going for in a room.

Kitchen Cabinets

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets is one of the pricier options to give your home a new look, but this is one change which will also add value to your home. Styles and preferences change over time, so you can choose something that suits your current tastes as well as your family’s needs. If your budget doesn’t permit such a drastic change, you can modernize the hardware on the cabinetry for a fresh look or repaint your current cabinets.


New appliances provide a stunning transformation to any room, especially the kitchen. Major appliances such as refrigerators and stoves are significant changes, but replacing any smaller counter appliances such as toasters or coffeemakers can also make the space seem more contemporary and colorful.

For most of us, an entire home makeover is not a practical option. However, replacing a few strategic items such as those listed above can make a dramatic difference in any home.




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