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Six Essential Elements for a Cozy Master Bedroom

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The master bedroom is the central location where the home owner can unwind, relax, sleep, and be within a safe, private space. Therefore, it makes sense that investments are made to the elements of the master bedroom. Its important to keep this space cozy and warm while allowing some creativity into mix. Here are 5 essential elements for a cozy master bedroom.


1. Lighting

Lighting is probably one of the most essential investments to a master bedroom. Lighting needs to calm the person, while giving them enough energy to see. During the day, natural lighting should be used the most. This can keep utility bills down and help bring a healthy amount of sunlight. The windows should be positioned well so the light is not blinding. In addition, having attractive shades and blinds that are aesthetically appealing to the person will add flare to the master bedroom. At night, a main switch should turn on a central light that lights up the room just enough. Making the main light too bright can be jarring if the person wants to relax in bed at night or want to read. Instead, use multiple night stand lamps to light up the area around the bed to help with reading or writing in bed.

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2. Protect the Senses

Beyond visuals, a master bedroom should feel and sound good. Some interior designers suggest that a master bedroom have a few rugs around the bed. This helps the person wake up and have their feet touch the ground to a soft, carpeted floor. Another item that could be very helpful is to promote relaxing sounds. Many interior designers promote the use of sound machines in a master bedroom so the person can relax to different, natural sounds in the comfort of their room.

3. Color Contrast

One of the best ways to make a room feel cozier is to contrast the colors in a welcoming way, and in the right spots in the room. The bed is probably the most important place to do this because it is the focus of the room. If the general tone of the room has darker, neutral colors, your bedding should be white and neutral. On the other hand, if your room is lighter in color, try using a darker color like burgundy, navy, or brown.

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4. Art

Although art is great around the house, having art displayed in the master bedroom can help promote the home owner’s personal aesthetics within their private room. Multi-colored and textured paintings or sculptures can help enhance the atmosphere in the room. In addition, if the person is a fan of specific styles of art, they can have their favorite art pieces from eras or approaches of art in their room.

5. Chairs

Most people tend to forget a chair in their bedroom, but this piece of furniture is essential. Chairs are great to sit in to take shoes and socks off with ease or to relax upright instead of laying down on the bed. Whether you are in Boston, or Atlanta, furniture stores may be difficult to navigate. Research online to find a store that matches the style you are looking for. Purchasing a chair that matches the décor and color of the room will help make the chair aesthetically appealing.

6. Family Heirlooms

The master bedroom is the essential space where the homeowner can display the important items and pictures that represent their life and family. These items should be displayed prominently across the nightstands, dressers, or other furniture that is chosen in the room. Whether they are religious, cultural, or represent the family, these are essential items to any master bedroom.

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