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Few Simple DIY Home Fixes

Here are few Simple DIY Home Fixes


We should pay attention to the ‘health’ of our home as much as we pay attention to our own health. Our homes are protecting our families and we ought to keep it ‘in good health’. We understand that it’s much easier to simply call a plumber when you have leaky pipes in your kitchen, but you could easily fix that yourself. Most of the things which need to be repaired in one’s home require no experience at all. Here are a few simple solutions for easy home fixes you can do on your own.

Image source: flickr
Image source: flickr

Fixing unfurled wallpaper

One of the easiest things to fix in your home are those damned, annoying, unfurling wallpapers. All you need is some wallpaper paste, a knife, some paper and just a bit of patience. Smear some wallpaper paste onto a piece of plain writing paper using a knife, gently rub the paper against the underside of the peeling wallpaper and press it against the wall. After that, simply pull the writing paper out and use a clean cloth to smooth away any bubbles.

Replacing broken tiles

We all hate seeing broken tiles on our floors and want them replaced as soon as possible. Before you beginwith the replacement, visit your nearest paint and hardware store and buy a grout saw, a small and inexpensive tool which will come in handy. Once you have it, use it to remove the grout around the tile.

Now, if a tile is already chipped don’t worry and break off small pieces of it until you have removed the entire damaged tile. If, on the other hand, the tile is not chipped, simply use a drill to make a hole in the centre. This will cause the tile to break and you will easily remove all the pieces starting from the middle. After this, all you will need to do is glue the new tile with an adhesive and apply fresh grout around the edges.

Fixing leaky pipes in kitchen or bathroom

Usually, it’s the pipes in our kitchen and bathroom sinks that leak and drive us mad. It could be the case that a washer is worn out or the compression nut is loose or broken. In order to fix this, you will first have to make sure that the water to the sink if turned off. You should also arm yourself with a proper selection of trade tools and make sure you have everything you need for this job.

After the water is off, put a bucket underneath the pipe, place yourself so you can clearly see what you are doing and then twist off the compression nuts (thosebig, white pieces which can be unscrewed). When you’re down there, use the opportunity and rinse out the curved pipe (P-trap). After you’ve replaced the washer, it’s safe to screw it back and turn the water back on.

Make sure you have all you need before you start fixing things in your home. It is very frustrating having to stop in the middle of what you are doing and having to go to the store and buy something you should have with you in the beginning. Be careful with electricity and, if in doubt, simply call a professional to help you.


Image source: flickr

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