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Should You Repair or Replace Your AC Unit

Should You Repair or Replace Your AC Unit

To repair or to replace: that is the question. When it comes to repairing, or replacing your AC Unit, what factors should you take into consideration? The last thing you want is to make a bad or uninformed decision with this type of investment. There are many variables to consider.

First, you will need to take into consideration the age of your unit. The age of the heating and cooling unit plays a critical factor. Most central air conditioning units will last about ten years in hot climates where units go through periods of heavy use.

You should also look at how often your unit breaks down. Small repairs can add up in cost over time, and often end up costing you more over the course of a couple years than buying a new unit. If you find yourself paying for repairs once a year or more, it’s time to start thinking about a new air conditioner.

Another factor you may want to consider is efficiency. Today’s air conditioners are built to federally mandated efficiency standards. That means new AC units are not only more efficient, they are also better for the environment.

A unit’s efficiency is measured by its SEER rating. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the air conditioner. As of 2016, all air conditioning units must have a SEER rating of 14 or higher. Even purchasing an AC with the minimum rating could save you plenty of cash on your monthly energy bill.

If you do decide to upgrade your air conditioning unit, be sure to pick a contractor you can trust. These days, you can purchase a new unit online easily and schedule the installation with a fully licensed, bonded and insured contractor.

Check out our infographic and find out more about each factor to consider and some of the benefits to replacing your air conditioner.


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