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Several Ideas for Shading Your Pool in Style

Several Ideas for Shading Your Pool in Style

There is nothing better to cool you off during the summer days then dipping yourself in your pool. Having a pool in your backyard can provide fun and comfort for the family. But if you don’t have a proper pool shade, this fun might be short lived. Long exposures to sun can result in sunburn, dehydration and cause serious skin damage. Sun screen can’t protect you against the strongest sun. This is why installing a good pool shade in your backyard is an excellent idea. Here are some solutions to your pool shade problem.

Shade canopies

These retractable shade canopies are able to provide your entire pool area with excellent sun protection. They are one of the most complete shade solutions in the market. These huge canopies rest on beams and stretch across the pool, and are supported with posts on every side of the pool. This provides pool owners with an excellent and also very stylish solution. And if you sometimes want to sunbathe by your pool, this canopie has a retractable option so you can let the sun shine in.


Retractable enclosure

If you want a flexible solution that can cover your entire pool, then retractable enclosures are tailor-made for you. They can cover the entire pool or as little as possible, it is up to the homeowner to make that choice. They have a skeletal construction that is made out of a number of arched beams that can fit into each other when the enclosure is fully retracted. Shades that run between beams are usually made out of polycarbonate, and they provide temperature stability. This prevents water from losing heat. The enclosures also prevent algae growth inside the pool. With this solution you can quickly switch between indoor and outdoor pool with ease.

Shade sails

The most modern and stylish solution for your pool is definitely the shade sails. They are much cheaper when compared to some bigger solutions, like retractable enclosures. They can make your pool look inviting with the variety of colors they come in. One thing to keep in mind though, is that they don’t provide full shade to your pool area. This can be a big factor when purchasing pool shades. Nowadays shade sails are made with UV inhibitors that provide more protection from the sun, according to the guys at Malibu Shades. They rest on polls that are installed in your yard and cover a certain area of your pool. You can even purchase a couple to increase the amount of shade they provide.



The simplest and oldest solution can sometimes be the best. There is a reason why umbrellas are still used, simply because they work. They are very cheap and are simple to use. They can be moved around your pool area as you please and create shade in the area you want. You can even turn them at an angle to provide shade. It is not uncommon to have an in-pool umbrellas that are installed inside the pool itself. They come in the widest range of colors and different styles. As the sun travels you can move your umbrella to keep you in shade throughout the day. So if you want a flexible and portable shade system, then the umbrella is your best choice.

Don’t let your summer days be ruined by sunburn or a sunstroke. A way to protect yourself while relaxing in your pool is by purchasing some of the pool shade solutions provided above. Some of them are more stylish and some are more practical. It is up to you to find what suits you the best.


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