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Setting up a Terrace Garden – Latest Obsession of Modern Homeowners

Are you tired of the same dull and drab look of your terrace? It was frequently seen even a few years back that although the inside of a house was plush and trendy, not much interest was shown by homeowners to decorate the terrace. However, this concept is gradually changing, and modern homeowners are becoming more and more centered on enhancing the look and feel of the terraces – and what better way to do it than setting up a warm and cozy garden under the open sky.

Getting up to the garden to enjoy the cool morning air with a hot cup of tea, or plucking off a few fresh spinach leaves to make some fritters for guests, a terrace garden can prove to be beneficial in numerous ways. If you are enthusiastic, here are certain things to help you set up the garden properly:

#1. Plan your Move:
The very first thing you need to do is go up to the terrace. Try to visualize how you want the garden to look. Remember that the garden needs to have a lawn, ground covers, small trees and some sitting arrangements. If there is enough space, you can even invest in features like gazebo, rocks, and water bodies.

#2. Proper Drainage System:
If your garden does not have sufficient drainage chambers, the water will remain stagnant and cause great damage to the building. The garden needs to have drainage chambers built at various points of the terrace, and these points should be well-connected with small drain pipes.

#3. Prepare the Floor:
At first, you need to waterproof the terrace. Remember that you can not pour soil directly on the floor of the terrace. Burnt bricks act as the best base for a terrace garden. Place them uniformly and lay a wire mesh over them. This will prevent the soil from getting inside the bricks.

#4. Choosing the Right Soil:
The soil should be light in weight to be effective in plantation. Peat moss is a popular choice and fits the criteria perfectly. If you want to save money, you can even use normal garden soil and mix it up with peat moss and manure.

#5. Getting to the Plants:
Avoid using plants with tap roots as they might grow through the terrace. Plants with fibrous roots are best suited for terrace garden use. Balance the garden by planting different types of herbs, palms, money plants, and flowering plants. Roses and orchids grow great in a terrace garden. Plant them in your garden and increase its glamor quotient.

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