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How to Affordably Secure Your Home from Intruders

How to Affordably Secure Your Home from Intruders (and Improve Your Interior Design)

The world continues to become a more dangerous place in which to live. Criminal acts are occurring with increasing regularity and prudence dictates that security precautions should be applied to as many aspects of life as possible. The home is your castle and the center of life where peace, happiness, relaxation and, yes, safety are expected, offering refuge from a threatening world that lies beyond the stronghold’s doors.

However, homes are increasingly becoming targets of thieves because they contain high-tech gadgets, works of art, gems and jewelry, rare collectables and other precious treasures that are highly valued and easily converted to cash. Homes are often unoccupied for long periods which give thieves large windows of opportunity as well as reduce chances for capture. Thieves prefer to break into homes when parents are at work, kids are at school and a flurry of activities and errands are being carried out. So, who protects your home while you’re away?

Threatening times call for protective measures and home security adds that feature nicely. Homeowners tend to shutter at the thought of security systems that can be massive and bulky, making their beautiful castle look like a maximum security prison and renters are concerned that they must leave expensive equipment behind on the next move. The good news is that modern technology allows for ways to secure your home in a way that enhances interior design.

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Choosing Your Home Security Systems

There are several important factors to consider when choosing home security systems. You should consider the type of system you prefer and how much control you want over your home’s security before making a final decision.

Company Monitored Systems

Most people choose home security systems that are monitored 24/7 by a company so that the home can be effectively monitored for break-ins, as well as other emergencies such as fire, while you are away. Company monitored systems require a form of communication between in-home systems and the monitoring station so that when alarms are triggered, alerts can be effectively sent. Communication can be sent through landlines, cellular uplinks, internet broadband connections, or a combination.

How Much Control Do You Want?

Most home security systems have modern, attractive control displays that are placed by entranceways or can be hidden discretely behind decorative panels. The system is activated before leaving or deactivated upon arrival by using a private security code. If you want more control over your home security, you can opt for systems that also automatically engage or disengage home lighting, or control thermostat and small appliance functions. These types of control features can now be performed from your smartphone or other smart device.

Determining the Right System for You

Home security is an important issue regardless of whether you live in your own home or are a renter. These factors, as well as the surrounding environment in which you live, are used to determine what home security system is right for your particular situation.

Homeowners normally have permanent security systems installed, but it is important to contractually own the equipment if you plan on moving in the next several years. You will also need to determine the type of system you want installed. Usually, the best option for renters is to purchase home security systems with DIY yourself installation. Not only can you take such units with you from place to place, but they are more affordable as well.

This article was written on behalf of Bolt Security Guard Services, a security guard service in Tucson, Arizona.

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