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Save a Little on Lawn Mowers, Your Lawn Will Still Look Beautiful

You can save a considerable amount of money by taking care of your lawn wisely. If you want to save for a new car, you should save money by doing a bit of cost-cutting here and there. Starting from the fertilizers to lawn mowers, everything can make you spend a good deal. A little cost cutting on these products can help you bring down the cost of taking care of the lawn. You get a few tips here to maintain a healthy green patch on your lawn without spending much for it.

Don’t chop off the Grass in the Lawn:

People often think that cutting the grass too short eliminates the need to cut it frequently. Shorter grass, on the contrary, grows faster in search of more sunlight and air. 3 inches should be the ideal height of healthy grass on your lawn. Healthy grass require minimum effort and money spent in taking good care of it. Longer blades of grass store more water and you do not need to water them frequently. Shorter grass, on the other hand, requires frequent watering for remaining fresh and moist. Longer grass helps saving at least 50% of water compared to that consumed by short 1 to 2 inch long blades.

Do Not Waste Much Water:

Overwatering cannot keep the lawn grass in healthy condition. Ruther it feeds weeds to grow without a check and makes you spend more on the maintenance process. Moreover, excessive watering increases water bill to only ilongate the list of expenditure. Water only when the grasses on your lawn really need it. This will make their roots to go deep down the ground in search of more moisture. When you should water? Simple, just see if the grass blades have started getting curled or not. Curling blades mean it needs water.

Natural Fertilizer:

Lawn clippings can be used as effective natural fertilizer for the grasses in the lawn. Grass clippings have 90% water that help them getting decomposed and add extra moisture and nutrients to the soil. So, even the grass clippings help retaining the soil nutrients. The best thinkg you can do to the clippings is leave them on the lawn to decompose and get mixed with soil. So, you get to save a considerable amount of money on fertilizers and nutrients that have been replaced by grass clippings.

Low Cost Lawn Mowers:

Gas powered lawn mowers get your task done at a short time. But, you need to cough out a larger amount for the maintenance of such mowers. Manual push mowers need you to put a little extra effort and reduce your gas bill in return.

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