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Save Energy at Home – Use Blinds!

save energy at home

Save Energy at Home – Stop It From Going Out Of The Window

Almost 30% of heat loss in homes take place through windows. Homeowners can cut down their heating and cooling bills by approximately 25% by virtue of using blinds. Blinds block the UV rays and shade the sun’s rays in the summers. While they help retain the heat inside the homes in the winters, they block the heat in the summers.

For enjoying energy efficiency, one can use cellular shades, wooden blinds, reflective blinds, pleated blinds, and exterior roller blinds. To get the most out of your blinds, make sure that the shades are mounted close to the glass and the sides are held close to the wall to create a sealer air space. You can use dual shades for enjoying higher efficiency. Raise the shades on the south side of the house during the day.


save energy at home




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