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Hints on Choosing the Right Wall Color

Hints on Choosing the Right Wall Color

One of the most important things in design, whether it is clothing, cars or interior design, is most definitely color. Choosing the right color for any of those things is difficult, because of the variety of different colors and their shades that are offered. As for colors for your interior wall, they can make or break the look of your home. Colors affect our perception of the space around us, and our choice of color is reflecting whether we want the room to radiate with coziness, energy, greatness, classic, and so on.

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Get Inspired

Think about the colors that makes you feel good. Find an inspiration somewhere in your house. Is there any piece of furniture that you find special? Some artwork that has interesting color patterns?Maybe a rug, some house accessory that will serve well as an inspiration for main color choice?Take some style object, like your favorite scarf, sofa pillow or a tablecloth, and choose a shade that would compliment your wall. Use these ideas to create your personal style.

Take Baby Steps

Even when you think you’ve chosen the appropriate color, it can’t surely be certain, until you see how it looks on a wall. In order to minimize the risks of being wrong, experiment with the paint in some smaller rarely used room, such as hall, powder room or a pantry. If you like the result, there is no reason not to apply the same color onto other rooms.

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Mind the Mood of the Room

When weighing about the suitable color for the room, you should have in mind themoods it can suit. Do you want the space to be energetic, soothing and restful, formal, orderly or dramatic? There is appropriate group of colors for every wanted mood. The basic rule is that soft, neutral and cool colors are creating a restful and soothing atmosphere, while stronger colors create dramatic and energetic mood.

Employ the Power of Light

The color may look different due to different amount of light a room is exposed to. If there is abundant natural lightin the room, paint will look truest to one chosen from the palette. On the other hand, fluorescent lightning will change the appearance of the color, and give it a bluish tone. Incandescent light source emphasizes yellow and warm tones.

Test Your Choice

You can play around by testing different colors on certain areas of your wall or on a poster board. According to highly-rated suppliers of premium paints a wanted look recently are stronger colors for the ceiling which will add dramatic flair to entire room.  Also a great trend in painting the interior is taking risks with not so every day colors, like chocolate brown, olive green, and basically all of the strong vivid colors that can go well with your chosen mood and furniture in your room.

Different Rooms Make a Composition

It creates a great feel of consistency when colors are just flowing from one room to another, making a perfect “canvas art” atmosphere. When you open the door of one room you’re able to see a piece of the other, and so on. And that is the reason why you shouldn’t choose colors for your rooms separately, but create cohesive look. On the other side, that is no reason to use the same paint in every room that would be boring. On the contrary, you should use diversity of colors, but they are supposed to complement each other.

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Follow the advices about color choosing, but don’t forget that color pick for your home is after all, a personal decision, it is a space where you’ll spend most of your time, so don’t follow tips and tricks blindly, but choose something that is “by the book”, but without neglecting your own taste.

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