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Five Ways to Revitalize Your Living Room

How To Revitalize Your Living Room

Your living room is the centerpiece of your home. Your family and friends gather here together to spend time with you and discuss important topics in your lives. You want everyone to feel comfortable while they’re there and inspired when they leave.


If you’re ready to breathe new life into your living room, here are some ways to revitalize your space.


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1. Paint

Throwing a fresh new color of paint on the walls is an easy way to make a big change in your space. It’s also a simple way to start changing your color palette. Your color palette depends on what mood you want to convey in the room. For a bright and fresh look, try pastels. For a more sophisticated look, go for burgundies and deep blues. If you like a modern perspective, go with medium to deep grey shades. If you want to make an ultramodern statement, try out a black paint with white or off-white trim.


2. Windows

Windows can make a big difference in a room. They can light up your home in a way that lamps cannot, with much-needed sunlight. Taking the time to figure out where you want to open up windows in your living room can transform your living area. Consider installing larger windows that are decorative and eye-pleasing in your space. If you want natural light without too much glare, a Barrie window specialist from Northern Comfort recommends using window treatments or films to diffuse the incoming sunlight.


3. Furniture

There are a multitude of styles that sofas, chairs and tables give off. Changing a few simple items can dramatically alter the attitude in your home. Get side tables that make a statement with deep finishes and interesting knobs. Switch out an old square coffee table with a modern-mirrored circular coffee table. Throw out an old ragged armchair and replace it with a leather chaise lounge.


4. Accents

It’s amazing what accessories and accent pieces can do in a home. Gather a few pieces of art and hang them up on the walls. Take a large signature piece and place it above a statement piece of furniture. Toss accent pillows with patterns and decorations onto the sofa. Set out several large and small candles that smell amazing when they’re lit at night. Place a couple of plants around the room in large planters to bring life into the place.


5. Lighting

Lights are always welcome into a living room. Getting the best lights for the area can put the finishing touches on your space. Take a gorgeous standing lamp and place it beside an armchair or sofa for easier reading. Place table lamps on each side table and feel free to change the lampshade for a different look than you usually go for.


When you’ve made a living space that’s more authentic to you, you’ll have a living room that’s more personal for your guests to enjoy. Using a few of these tips and techniques, you’ll be well on your way to a more inviting and intimidate abode.

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