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Repairs You May Be Needing To Make Before Spring Hits

As winter turns to spring, it may be time to spruce up your home. If you start these tasks early, you’ll be all ready to enjoy the warm spring weather. Follow these tips and you’ll have your home in tip top shape in no time.

Clean Out your Gutters

Over the winter leaves, twigs and debris can accumulate in the gutters of your home. This can impede drainage and cause water to leak from your gutters. The weight of snow and ice can loosen gutters causing them to move and leak. Check all of your gutters and downspouts and remove any debris. Tighten up any loose gutters and make sure that downspouts extend out several feet away from your house to ensure proper drainage of rainwater.

Repairs You May Be Needing To Make Before Spring Hits

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Inspect Your Roof

Winter can be hard on your roof. All that wind, cold, ice and snow can loosen shingles on your roof. Inspect your entire roof. Check for any loose or broken shingles. This will prevent your roof from leaking when the weather warms up. Residential roofing in Indianapolis is available at Coomer Roofing and other local companies.

Give Your Home a Fresh Outlook

Paint is an easy way to brighten up your home. Choose a bright spring color and give at least one room in your house a facelift. Now is also the time to inspect the outside of your home to see if the exterior of your home needs painting.

Get Your Yard in Tip Top Shape

Now is a great time to get your yard looking great. Start by pruning the trees and shrubs in your yard. Inspect your lawn to see if it needs an application of fertilizer. If you have any bare spots in your lawn, now is the time to reseed those areas. When the danger of frost is over, you can begin planting annuals.

Clean Out the Clutter

It’s time to declutter your home. Closets are a great place to start. Begin by taking everything out of your closet. Then for each piece of clothing decide to either hang it back in the closet, donate it to charity or throw it out if it’s stained or ripped. Store your winter coats, gloves and hats in bins in the basement or attic.


When you have your house decluttered, it’s time to move on to the garage. Move your vehicle out to the driveway and sweep the entire garage floor. If you have lots of clutter in the garage, install some extra shelving to hold all your things.


With a little advanced planning, you can have your home updated and beautiful in time for spring. With all these projects done, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the great spring and summer weather.

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