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Renovations That Make a Big Difference

Small Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

That Make a Big Difference


If you’re on a tight budget, you might be avoiding any bathroom or kitchen renovations. Don’t let the cost of renovating these rooms scare you from having a house you enjoy. These simple, easy, and affordable projects can have your kitchen or bathroom looking stylish in no time.

Cabinet Hardware

Replacing the hardware on your vanity or kitchen cabinets can really make a huge impact. For this easy do-it-yourself project, you can find inexpensive pulls and handles at most hardware stores. If you’re opting for a change in finish color, don’t forget to replace the hinges if they’re visible when the door is closed. An even less expensive way to change your hardware look is with metallic spray paint, which comes in a variety of finishes.


Plumb Perfect Ltd, a company that specializes in plumbing in Brampton, suggests adding a stylish touch to your shower with new fixtures. There are traditional single-head spray, rain, and waterfall shower heads, each offering a different water flow. A design trend in bathrooms is to install a shower system, which is a combination of different fixtures. For example, you might want a rain shower head, a hand-held, and a few body sprays to complete your shower experience. If you’re going to replace the type of shower head in your bathroom consider contacting an experienced plumber to assess whether your current plumbing is adequate for your new needs.

For an additional modern touch, consider updating your shower enclosure to a frameless glass one. This more contemporary style is easy to clean and lets in more light. Don’t forget to also update your towel racks and toilet paper holders in the bathroom as well. This will give your room a more cohesive and professional look.

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Replace dated light fixtures with more modern, stylish options. Again, you can opt to update existing light fixtures with metallic spray paint to create a new finish.


A new coat of paint freshens up any room. Painting the walls is an easy and quick project that can be done by yourself or a professional. You can also paint an outdated bathroom vanity or outdated kitchen cabinets for a completely different look at a much lower price than replacing them.


Kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms where renovations add the most value to your house. So whether you are looking to sell, or planning on staying, a few well thought out smaller renovations can make a large impact to your home’s value, and your enjoyment.

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