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Remodeling A Couch Is Not So Difficult After All

Given that the couch in your living room is not used only to serve as the seating arrangement for guests, but for also other activities like sleeping, having meals with family and spending time together, it is important to take care of its seats and fixtures for it to serve your various purposes. Disposing an old couch and replacing it with a new one might be an expensive process, and hence if you know the methods of repairing it yourself, you can save on a lot of money. Here is what you need to know.

Things you require: Wood-stain, paintbrush, iron, iron-on patches, sandpaper, fabric, slipcover, cushions and accent pieces.

1)Use a sandpaper to rub the wooden arms of the couch. Then stain it and brush it with a new color, for instance, mahogany. Remember that this technique is feasible if your couch is made of wood.

2)You can use decorative patches to cover up the awkward holes and stains that might have formed on the seat of your couch.

3)Using slipcovers are an easy alternative compared to changing the upholstery altogether to incorporate a new fabric design. It saves a lot of time and energy, and money, needless to say.

4)A well placed blanket or piece of fabric can be used to cover up the stains and also give an adequate layer to the slipcover. If stylishly placed then you can even pull it off as a cushion cover.

5)Throw pillows and cushions will help to liven up the look. If the seats are in stripes, then use cushion covers that are printed so that they offer a healthy contrast while sharing some of the base color.

6) Contrasting accents like coffee tables, lamp shades, wall hangings etc will help to accentuate the seat covers, slipcovers and fabric of the couch.

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