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Remodeling 101: Organizing the Process

Remodeling 101: Choosing the Right Projects and Organizing the Process

Whether you are looking to sell your home and want to gain a larger return or are simply trying to update your home a bit so you can enjoy it for years to come, remodeling is the way to go. But, remodeling is a big job. Certain remodel projects are easy enough to do on your own while others a best left to the pros. In either case, staying organized and avoiding some of the common “pitfalls” of remodeling is key.

What Types of Projects Can You DIY?

Whether you are an avid DIYer or not, some projects are just easier than others. When it comes to remodeling, you need to choose your projects wisely and avoid “biting off more than you can chew.” A good understanding of some of the simpler DIY projects will help you get your remodel started without any major issues.

1. Your Front Door

One of the first things anyone sees of your home is your front door, which is precisely why curb appeal is so important. Changing out or simply painting your front door is one of the fastest, easiest projects you can complete.

2. A Kitchen Backsplash

Few things say “high end” more than a classy kitchen backsplash. While some backsplashes are more difficult to install than others, this is a project most people feel comfortable taking on themselves.

3. Architectural Additions

Don’t let the title fool you. These pieces actually only sound complicated. Adding in architectural interest elements like crown molding, a more established baseboard, or a chair rail, is a great way to really change the look of your home or even just a room with limited investment.

4. Lighting Changes

Fixtures are one of the key elements that note the age of your home faster than anything else, so it goes without saying that updating these elements can completely change the look of your home. While if you were to rewire a fixture or begin a more complex lighting task it would be difficult, simply hanging a new fixture is generally pretty easy.

5. Change Up Cabinets or Doors

Adding simply accessories to current fixtures in your home is an easy remodel element. Try adding new accessories to your cabinets, or use a sliding door hardware kit to transform a current door into a sliding one.

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6. Add a Touch of Paint

Paint is one of the most versatile products you can use in your home. Whether you want to spruce up a bedroom or your kitchen, you can add paint to almost anything and give it an instant facelift.

7. Install New Faucets

With as much use as faucets and sinks get, this is another upgrade that will say a lot for a remodel. Just adding a shiny new fixture is fix enough for a dated space.

8. Establish a Focal Point

Remodeling is all about breathing new life into a spice, and a focal point is a great way to do that. Consider constructing built-in shelving units or even a faux fireplace if you don’t already have an established focal point in your home.

How Can You Stay Organized While Completing a Large Remodeling Project?

Remodeling is time consuming, messy, and exhausting, but one way you can limit all of this stress is by staying organized. If you are doing a remodel yourself, getting organized can help you avoid undue stress, but if you are hiring contractors to complete remodeling, organization will save you time and money. Take a few precautionary steps either way to help you stay sane during the process.

Organize Your Documents

Keeping a hold of all of your important files and documents is essential. Prior to starting a home remodel, find a space for any important material or information in an area that won’t be disrupted by the process.

Make a List

Before the process begins, make a list to keep track of everything that needs completed, and check items off as they are finalized.

Keep a Calendar

Especially if you have people coming in to help with the remodel, be sure you keep everything on a calendar. Note important dates and even schedule in a few hours of rest once in a while.

Remodeling is fun and worthwhile, but the process itself can be draining. Be selective on which projects you choose to DIY and those you decide to hire out and follow these simple tips to make your remodel a success.

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