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Reduce Heat in The Summer With Your Roof

We all know that there are countless things spoiling our current environment. Things like carbon emissions, polluted rivers and rubbish are just a few among the many to be named. There is however, a simple way you could take in order to protect our environment, and it’s called white roofs. The benefits of white roofs are plenty, and here are just a few things white roofs do to prevent our continually worsening environment from getting worse.

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It reflects the radiation of the sun:

The more we are exposed to the sun’s UV rays, the more likely we are to get skin cancer or diseases of such nature. The sun is responsible for emitting solar radiations at our world. But installing white roofs atop our homes are just the thing that could save us. White roofs are able to help reflect the radiation of the sun, since white is reflective of light, it helps us reflect those radiations skywards so that it does not hit the surface below our homes.

It reflects heat:

The color white has a reflective effect; it helps reflect the heat of the sun. This is especially helpful and useful during summer, in any places where there is extreme heat. This will help greatly reduce the temperature of the ground where you live in. A recent study had been done in the summer of New York City during 2011 where white roofs were installed on some houses to check for possible effects it might bring about. The outcome was that in the place of the city where the white roofs were installed, the temperature was cooler by 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

The power of white roofs is just phenomenal. It’s just like when we wear white clothing, the white clothing will help reflect heat so that we stay cool. It’s exactly the same for roofs. It will preserve the environment for the longer run if we installed white roofs right atop our home, it’s just one of those very easy things we could do to make the place a better place for us to breathe and live in.
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