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Reduce Ecological Footprints by Careful Selection of Patio Decor and Creansing Materials

If you have plans to reduce ecological footprints, it can get started right from your backyard. Your patio decor can have damaging effect on the environment. A few tips on the materials for patio furniture or the cleaning agents can help you decorating your garden without causing any damage to the ecology.

Reduce the usage of chemical as it can reduce ecological footprint at your backyard dramatically. Fall back on the natural elements like, vinegar, baking soda, ammonia and lime juice. These elements can be diluted with water to get a perfect recipe for cleaning moss, dirt and stains from your favorite patio furniture.

What do you plan when you look at the discolored patio paver or deck? Probably a replacement. Patio deck or patio pavers can get discolored after prolonged exposure to rain and sun. But, there are other less expensive ways to do away with shabby patio pavers other than replacing them. Often discoloring happens due to over grown moss layer on them. You can try out one trick before replacing your old patio deck. Renting a power washer can solve your problem to a large extent. You need to clean the pavers with hot water power washer to remove ugly stains and fungi growth on them. It gets a new look after thorough cleaning and you do not need to get new pavers. You can reduce ecological footprint by saving the materials for a new deck or patio paver.

A part of your backyard can be dedicated to recycle organic waste for making fertilizer for your favorite orchid plants. So, you restrain yourself from creating a huge pile of waste at the city’s waste. You get the chance to do your bit for the purpose.

While selecting plants for the garden, try to go for flowers that attract more insects and other animals. Innovative ideas like, artificial beehives, bird houses, bird baths can enhance the beauty of your garden. Flowers like honeysuckle will be a good choice as it is high on nectar. More insects and birds mean proper ecological balance at the backyard, at least you get to do your bit in maintaining it.

If you have given a serious thought to reducing ecological footprint, it is important to use the right material for your patio elements. Be it a pergola, deck or an arbor, the wood should be certified from the Forest Stewardship Council. The paint you use should also be selected with care. It should not contain much of the volatile harmful compounds. If you want to make your backyard an Eco-friendly piece of land, take care of what gets mixed in air by you even unintentionally.

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