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Redesign Right: 5 Must-Haves for the Perfect Family Room

There are a few elements that are essential for the ideal family room in the home. The family room is associated with spending time with others, engaging in activities together, and unwinding after a long day. For this reason, it makes sense to designate a space in the home that houses all of the important aspects of this congregation, while also putting some focus on the aesthetic appeal of the space. While many may not care what the overall design theme of the room evolves in to as long as the room is functional and accommodating, it is an added perk to have the family room evoke a warm and inviting style that beckons to those living there and that appeases the senses while relaxing there.

A family-friendly hearth
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A soothing and relaxing family room requires a fireplace. Even if this is not an inherent trait to the particular room, investing in an electric version or a gas fireplace is suggested. Gas models may require some maintenance or the assistance of qualified gas experts in the area for regular cleaning or service. Indianapolis gas fireplace cleaning professionals can help and make a fireplace a reality in the family room- even if the room wasn’t born with one!

Ample seating for the whole family

Adequate seating and comfort is key to a “successful” family room. There are often fantastic deals on sectional seating which allows for versatility and flexibility when trying to accommodate extra people. Ottomans can become seats, chaises can become sofas, etc. Stain resistant and easy to maintain fabrics are suggested, as the typical family room could risk food or drink spills during regular use.

Family-friendly flooring

The flooring in a family room is something to pay attention to. Everybody loves to curl up on the floor around a coffee table or the hearth of the fire, and what is underfoot is quite important. Wood flooring is much favored, due to the rich feeling that it evokes as well as the easy care involved in maintaining. When wood flooring or even wood-inspired laminate, use lots of thick and thirsty scatter rugs or a really inspiring area rug to soften the surface.

Comfy cushions & toss pillows

A family room must have a lot of pillows and cushions to sit on, lay against, or throw at others. Decorative throw pillows can be pricey to purchase new; instead, consider ways to recycle old sweaters or jerseys and create unique, recycled throw pillows that will serve as keepsakes when using favorite old pajama tops or a soft and furry sweater that no longer fits.

Integrate television into the decor

The family room will more than likely be outfitted with the family’s television set. In many cases, the TV is the focal point of a family room. Consider positioning the TV in a corner or against a wall so that it doesn’t impede the size of the space too dramatically. Better yet, if the TV is a thin-style contemporary model, consider mounting it on a wall so that it takes up no floor space at all! Mounts for all TV’s are available through electronic stores and online retailers.

While all families are different, there are some universal aspects that are common to the fostering of a welcoming and inviting family space. These tips and “must haves” for the family room are subject to personal preferences and tastes, but will ensure an element of warmth and solidarity in the common gathering areas of the home.

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