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Thinking Outside the Box: Have You Thought Of Putting Your Kitchen Outside?

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How About Having Your Kitchen Outside?!

While browsing around on Pinterest and Houzz one day, I came across a remarkable idea. It was crazy, new and bold. As I saw the perfect patios and appliances that were made for the outdoors, my confidence grew in the idea: Why can’t I take my entire kitchen and put it outside? The kitchen is the heart of my home, but I always find myself wishing I was outside just a little more. With a little thinking outside the box, you could set up an outdoor kitchen to maximize your entertaining options and create home decor that’s on trend.

Pros and Cons of  having the Kitchen Outside

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The biggest advantage of creating an outdoor kitchen is that you can cook a full-course meal without ever having to leave the center of action. You can keep talking to your guests and enjoying their company while you cook, and you never have to run inside to get anything. You can even make a show out of cooking your meal. Think about “Cocktails” meets Emeril.

With an outdoor kitchen setup, you can also try out different cooking styles. You have the option to cook on a grill, a brick oven and other outdoor cooking gear, which can be used to create unique dishes.

If you go all the way with your outdoor kitchen, you can completely replace your interior kitchen. Think of what you can do with the extra space inside of the house. With a good remodel, you could really find yourself in a much more roomy house.


Unless you completely cover your outdoor kitchen — which is an option — you will be at the mercy of the elements when you cook outside. Even with a covered area, you may not want to cook outside when it is very hot or very cold.

What You Need to Create Your Kitchen Outside

You’ll need special equipment to take your kitchen outside. Appliances that can hold up in the outdoors will need to be ordered from a specialized supplier like First Coast Supply.

Of course, you’ll need a cooking source, and you have a range of options, including traditional grills, brick ovens, and even outdoor stoves. You may even consider combining multiple cooking sources to give you more options for entertaining.

A small refrigerator is a must have. You can store the foods you are preparing for that meal, as well as beverages and condiments.

Finally, you’ll need plenty of cabinet space and drawers to stock your dishware and utensils and keep them handy.

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How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can be as simple as expanded grilling stations to as complex as a traditional indoor kitchen moved outside. To plan your design, you’ll need to consider how much of your deck or yard space you want to devote to your outdoor kitchen. Next, decide if you want to build around an existing grill or entertaining section or you want to build new.

Use an all-weather finish for your cabinets and surface areas, such as brick and stone. Find a way to cover your kitchen area in the event of rain or snow. Retractable awnings are a good option here.

Make sure you leave space for a fabulous dining area and accessories with flair.

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