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How to Protect Your Home from Damp Proofing

Damp have been a constant nuisance for homeowners and their families. The problem of damp results in a plethora of troubles like the salty tidemarks, peeling wallpapers, heat loss, wet plasters, etc. Damp Basement also is the cause of various health problems that inflict the families. Experts advise families to make sure that the basement and the home remains dry and moisture free. Families should ensure that their home is sufficiently ventilated before they engage the services of Damp Proofing Companies. It is necessary for homeowners to choose such companies that offer guarantee of their services. The condition of Damp results when the water present in the ground seeps into the brick, mortar, stones and other such porous materials of the structure. This water travels upwards the wall. The water underneath ground comprises soluble salts that are later deposited on the wall surfaces. When the water dries the moisture present in the walls make them damp permanently.

The damp rises and hence, it affects the lower part of the structures. This even damages the timber and causes heat loss in the structures. This might even result in the growth of mites. Families should be aware of damp in their structures. They should note the signs like the curling of the wallpaper or their discoloration, rotting of the skirting board, wet timber, damp or stained walls, wet brickwork, stains on the exterior bricks, etc. It is necessary for home owners to conduct the Damp Proofing treatment. They should be aware of wrong diagnosis of the damp condition. Many inexperienced professionals conduct faulty plumbing or leave leaking guttering or other such conditions. Such things should be very well checked before the remedial work begins and after the treatment is done. Firstly, the companies conduct Damp Survey that determines the level of damages occurred in the building.

Treatment for the Damp Walls

The treatment for Basement Tanking involves installing such chemicals that are injected in the holes of the bricks to repel the water. The other method could be to fit a novel damp membrane that acts as a barrier between the walls and the water. It requires replacing the plaster with fresh salt retardant one. The Damp Proofing London services then fit an entirely new skirting board. Home owners should make a point to check the moisture levels in the house on a regular basis, twice a year if possible. They can even make use of electronic moisture meters. The soil that rests directly against the house or structure should be neatly dug to leave gaps. Damp Treatment is one of the most important requirements as a healthy house helps families to live healthy lives.

Benefits of Basement tanking

Basement tanking is such designed that it helps the water out of the basement and the underground structures. This system is also known as water management. There are different types of systems, both internal and external, which is executed in an efficient manner to make walls waterproof for many years to come.

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