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Fall is Coming: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall


Now that summer has come to an end, it’s time for property owners to prepare their homes for fall and colder temperatures. The following 5 tips offer a great way to tackle your upcoming fall to-do list.

Gutter Cleaning

As summer slowly turns to fall, it’s not uncommon for gutters and downspouts to become clogged with debris. Whether it’s leaves, sticks, or other organic material, it’s important to keep gutters clear in order to ensure proper drainage.

As temperatures become colder, rain water that is backed up in gutters will often freeze. This will promote ice dams on the roof and serious damage to gutters that may result in costly repairs.

Homeowners are encouraged to hire a professional if there is any hesitation or concern about DIY gutter cleaning.

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Roof Repairs and Inspection

If there is any question that your roof needs minor repairs, it’s important to address those problems before colder temperatures or winter conditions make it impossible. Cooler fall temperatures offer the perfect opportunity for roofers to make repairs without being exposed to the extreme summer heat.

Interior Cleaning

Hiring a cleaning service before fall sets in allows professionals to do a thorough job while temperatures are still comfortable. This means being able to open windows and doors and allowing fresh air into the home to work its magic.

When weather conditions are agreeable, it allows a professional cleaning service to do a much better job. Depending on your location, it could be months before you have the opportunity to completely air-out the home.

Furnace Cleaning and Service

As temperatures become colder, it’s important to make certain your heating system is functioning properly. In order to avoid emergency service calls, having a routine cleaning and inspection will offer peace of mind knowing that your furnace is ready for fall and winter temperatures.

Exterior Maintenance

Making certain that exterior maintenance projects are completed will ensure that further damage or deterioration doesn’t occur as colder temperatures arrive.

A priority in this regard is any painting or staining projects that were started during the summer months. If wood siding has been left untreated, it’s important to tackle those issues while temperatures are still warm enough to allow finishes to dry properly.

Homeowners will often overwhelm themselves with summer to-do lists. Ignoring unfinished projects until next summer will only make them more difficult to accomplish. As we prepare for fall, making certain your home is clean, secure, and warm will help to get you through the colder months.

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