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Prepare Your Home for Autumn: A Basic Checklist

 A Basic Checklist – Prepare Your Home for Autumn

Cooler winds, changing foliage, and migrating birds are all hinting at one thing: autumn is near. For us homeowners, this isn’t just a time to admire the beauty of the changing seasons—although that should definitely be on your checklist! The weeks before fall mean work: getting your home ready for the cooler months.

To prepare your home for autumn, you’ll want to check for signs of damage from the previous seasons and ensure that everything is in place for the coming ones. This is true for any time of the year, but like every other season, autumn has its own idiosyncrasies. Long story short, prepping your home for fall will require a few special tasks:

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Task #1: Checking for drafts around doors and windows.

Go around your home and check every door and window for drafts around their edges. Drafts cause an imbalance in indoor temperature, which pushes your HVAC system to work harder to normalize conditions. The harder it has to work, the higher your energy bill will be. The drop in outdoor air temperature will make the spike in your energy consumption even more noticeable because your heating needs will go up.

Just putting your hand up against window and door frames could help you feel the airflow, but you can detect the faintest drafts even better with the help of a lighted candle. If the flame flickers, you’ve got a draft. Apply caulking and replace seals as needed.

Now would also be a good time to switch to heavier drapery. It will keep external air out of your home more effectively and double your protection.

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Task #2: Cleaning gutters.

Uncovered gutters tend to accumulate debris, which can affect how well they drain water away from your property. The most common culprits behind gutter blockages are leaves and small branches. Autumn is bound to bring in a lot more of these, so it is a good idea to get whatever clogs you already have out of the way.

If you want to keep gutter cleaning to a minimum, consider installing a gutter protection system. They keep leaves, twigs, and other debris out, making gutter cleaning easier, if not completely unnecessary.

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Task #3: Inspecting the roof.

An inspection will help you see how well your roof fared over the past few seasons. Even without a significant weather event, roofing material can come loose or get damaged, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for those.

You can inspect your roof from the ground with the help of a pair of binoculars. If absolutely necessary, you can climb up on your roof for a more thorough look. Keep in mind, however, that roof-level inspections are dangerous and that there may be signs of damage that only a trained eye can spot. Your best bet will be to call in a pro.

You’ll also want to check for ceiling or wall stains inside your home, as these can be signs of a roof leak. If you do have roof damage, have all repairs done ASAP. Waiting will only make things worse and give you more trouble once winter comes. Any inspection or repair you complete at this time will help protect your roof and home through the harshest months of the year.

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A Final Tip

Autumn task lists will vary from homeowner to homeowner, but the three listed above are the bare minimum. Write down everything you need to do so nothing gets overlooked. It helps to group tasks according to area so you can move from one job to the next systematically. Finally, remember that preparing your home for fall means getting both the inside and the outside of your property in top shape. Good luck!


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