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The Power Of Black Can Indeed Be Mesmerizing

A dash of black adds glamor and gravity to any room in which it is introduced. Here are some of the effects of having introduced black in my house.

Adds Weight
Black cushions, a coffee table with a black table top and a lamp with a black shade in a living room whose upholstery is otherwise cream or beige will introduce a sense of gravity and character in the room. It will also introduce contrast and help in defining and distinguishing the lines and shapes better.

Black drapery rods adds a classic touch to any room. The strong and individual horizontal line stands out from the rest of the decor, and adds volume, a touch of masculinity and vigor to the room.

A fine black line, like a lining of solid black granite at the base of the wall can be used as a perfect outline.

Increases The Style Quotient
A black door in a room where everything else is white is the epitome of style.

Can Be Used For Framing A Space
If your bedroom window overlooks a beautiful landscape, then painting the window mullions black is a good option. This will help the window frames to recede into the background and bring the outdoor view closer.

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