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Plumbing Issues? 4 Reasons for Clogged and Backed Up Drains

A clogged and backed up drain is a real nuisance and can become a living nightmare for the homeowner, if not dealt with as quickly as possible. A drain that persistently has water flow issues can suddenly and without warning, backup up into the home and cause major water damage. Floors, walls and other items in the home can be damaged beyond repair and must be replaced, which can be costly and frustrating. Listed below are some of the most common causes of clogged and backed up drains, along some ways to prevent this kind of plumbing disaster.

1. Solid Matter Being Placed in the Drain

Food, sanitary products, and even large amounts of toilet paper are often the cause of a drain clogging and water backing up into the sink, toilet or tub. Being careful as to what is placed in the toilet and using a drain trap when cooking can help with most clogs of this nature.


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2. Structural Damage to the Plumbing

Sometimes as plumbing material ages or household items are placed against the pipes themselves, (such as under bathroom and kitchen sinks) they can crack, sag, collapse, or become misaligned. When this happens, water flow can become blocked or restricted and cause plumbing backup. To offset this problem, periodically check for any signs of deterioration and that the areas around the pipes are clear from clutter. Replace any pipe pieces or joints that appear to be wearing down or weakening.

3. Tree Roots Have Penetrated the Pipes

Thornton Brothers Sewer Service a company that does pluming in Michigan has said that tree roots that are around the home can become drawn to nutrients like water and oxygen found in the pipes. The tree roots can grow and crack the pipes or enter into cracks already present in the plumbing. To combat the problem, keep all tree roots around the plumbing cleared away and check frequently for new root growth.

4. The Plunger/Stopper on the Sink or Bathtub Has Acquired Build-Up

Soap scum, hair, and other debris will occasionally build up on and around the plunger/stopper part of a sink or bathtub. If left untreated, it can become increasingly difficult for water to drain out of the area and water backup can occur. Fortunately, this predicament can be simply remedied by sporadically removing the stopper and thoroughly cleaning it.

Clogged drains and unpleasant water backup can be annoying and aggravating. However, by frequently cleaning, inspecting and maintaining your drains, most of these incidents will be less likely to happen and a considerably easier to handle when they do.











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