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5 Pests to Keep from Entering Your Home this Winter

Keep Pests from Entering Your Home this Winter


When the temperature starts to drop in the fall, pests start to prepare for how they can survive the winter. Many of these pests will try to make it through the winter by finding a place to live inside a building. Needless to say, you don’t want these pests invading your house this winter. Here are five pests that you need to avoid harboring in your home this winter.

1. Mice

One of the most common pests that likes to winter inside a home is the common mouse. They are slippery little devils that can enter your home much more easily than you think. You need to get your home inspected for mice before winter sets in.

2. Rats

The mouse’s bigger, uglier and nastier cousin is the rat. There is just something so disgusting about rats. They will create nests in your home, chewing holes in your walls and even your home’s wiring. They also drag their filth-ridden scrotal sacks all over the floor. You need to keep rats out of your home at all costs.

5 Pests to Keep from Entering Your Home this Winter

3. Cockroaches

These insects are one of the most disease-ridden types of pests in the world. They are also incredibly resilient, and they will have no trouble surviving the winter if they can get a foothold inside your home. You should have an exterminator make sure that your home is cockroach-free before winter arrives.

4. Crickets

Although they do not do a tremendous amount of damage in your home, crickets can still be incredibly annoying. That chirping sound they make is enough to make the sanest person go crazy.

5. Moths

A single moth can lay thousands of eggs in your home, and the moths inside these eggs will hatch very hungry. They will seek out the fabrics in your home to feed themselves, and this could lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. You need to avoid this by making sure your home is free of moths before winter gets here.

Use a Professional Exterminator

The best way to keep your home free from pests this winter is to use a good exterminator. The professional exterminators from companies like Pest Control Professionals in Winters and Dixon, CA are experts at getting rid of all manner of pests. This will keep your home secure from all these annoying creatures.

Being a homeowner means taking care of you responsibilities. One of your primary responsibilities as a homeowner is to keep your home free from pests. Use a good exterminator this fall to ensure your home is pest-free this winter.

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