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How to Personalize your Living Space in Rental Homes

Can rental homes speak of you?

Does your rental home space speak to you? If not, it may be time to consider giving your space a makeover. If you are looking for simple ways to transform your space, then look no further. Here are some inexpensive and easy ways to personalize your living space in a rental home.

 Dress up your tiles

Tile flooring isn’t something you can rip up and replace. Tattooing the styles is a good way to enhance the design of the floor. From tattooing the backsplashes to creating inspiring decorative patterns in the flooring, you can truly customize any area in the property.

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Roll out the red, blue or green carpet …

Area rugs can have a transformative effect on any area in rental homes. One can change the mood and feel of a room with the right design. The style selected can be an extension of your personality. Have fun with texture and see what works for you; the apartment is really your blank canvas. Area rugs are very affordable and easy to swap out when you tire of the design.


Play up the walls

Painting may not always be an option, but wallpapering can easily be used to address that option in rental homes. Removable vinyl wall paper comes in peel-and-stick style and could be the perfect way to enhance the walls in your home. The wallpaper coverings come in all types of styles, including daring, bold and conservative. You can also use personalized wall decals to hang your favorite inspirational saying under your family photo.


Play with fabrics

Fabrics work well with walls adding personality and texture to the room. The fabrics can be attached to a frame or staples in large sections to the actual wall. You may be tempted to start small, and that’s okay, test the waters with one wall if this makes you feel a little squeamish. If the pattern isn’t too involved, fabrics could be attached to several walls in the apartment.


Hang a piece and call it a day

Maybe artwork is more ideal for you if you don’t want to go through the hassle of painting or wallpapers. Find a great travel photo and blow it up or finding a great piece locally. Consider the feeling the photo or painting is supposed to create in the room. You may find that perfect print for a relatively affordable price, freeing up your budget to focus on the major pieces.


Divide and conquer

Dividing an open floor plan into sections creates structure. You can rely on smart modular furniture pieces to accomplish this. You can also rely on the use of potted plants, artwork and cabinetry to serve as arbitrary boundaries in the room. Consider shutter screens and bookshelves for breaking up the flow of a space in rental homes.


Lighting that works for you

Lighting is often something to be desired into a given space. It’s easy to replace or upgrade the lighting in a home. You can swap out the lighting fixtures for warmer lighting throughout the home. You can use your imagination to take the room to the next level. You can start by browsing the lighting options at a local store to see what appeals to you.

There are restrictions to how much you can do to personalize your rental space. You have quite a few cost-effective design options available to you that will be easy to remove when it’s time to move. Don’t be afraid to experiment and test the waters with small changes before taking your design full scale.

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