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Create the Perfect Cabin Atmosphere at Home

Doing Winter Right: How to Create the Perfect Cabin Atmosphere at Home


While you might not be able to actually escape to a winter cabin, or to completely recreate all of the aspects of one at home, you can still create a cozy winter cabin feeling with minimal effort. Read on for some warm and fuzzy feeling interior tips.

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Use Fire For Lighting And Mood
The crackle of a fireplace speaks of winter comfort like few other things. If you have space to put in a fireplace, you will have a chance to enjoy it all through the year. Options range from natural log burning fireplaces, to boiler fireplaces. Many Nationwide Boiler suppliers carry wall mounted, used boilers for sale, and three sided choices. If you do not have a space for a fireplace, consider purchasing a candle with a wick that crackles as it burns, or use actual or battery operated long flickering candlesticks for a primitive feel.

Put away light and airy summer throws, and have heavy plush plaid or faux sheep wool blankets readily available. These beckoning blankets give a warm and soft feeling to any room. Plaid prints can also be incorporated in flannel bed sheets, or in curtains and even tablecloths or bathroom linens.

Incorporate Natural Elements
Consider putting up photographs with natural wood frames or using wooden accents such as wood beverage coasters in various rooms of the home. Consider enlarging and hanging your own favorite scenes of outdoor activities that your family has enjoyed. Pictures can also be enlarged on canvases, which have a nice earthy feel. Bringing elements of the outdoors inside gives homes a cabin feel.

Get Ready For Spectacular Views
Even if the scene outside your windows is less than stellar, you can hang beautiful landscape photographs, including breathtaking images of ice or snow. Getting outside always beats cabin fever, so be sure to have all of the gear you need for exploring right by the door, and is easy to get to. Vacationers at winter cabins expect to get outside and enjoy fresh air, and exercise and up close experiences with nature. You will be much more likely to do the same if you keep gloves, hats, and any gear such as boots or snowshoes in a place that is easy to get to, and puts you outside where you can experience beauty.

Embracing the unique rhythms and characteristics of each season leads to feelings of wellness and even of reflection and renewal. As you prepare a welcoming cabin atmosphere at home, also be sure to stock up on favorite warm beverages and plenty of good reading materials and games. Winter is the perfect time to cozy up with the people you love and to make the most of the season.


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