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Time for a Move? 5 Packing Tips You Can’t Be Without

Moving is a stressful time, but you can make it less stressful and go smoother if you pack your belongings properly. Here are five packing tips you can’t be without.

1. Start packing early

Procrastinating on your move is just postponing the inevitable, and the earlier you get started, the smoother things will go. The minute you are moving, you should start packing everything that you can. Start with things you don’t use very often or things you won’t need for awhile. For example, if you sell your house in April and expect to close in June, you can pack most of your winter clothing and coats.

2. Organize and label what you pack

When you are packing your house for your move, it makes sense to pack things by room rather than to put fragile items together. For example, it may make sense to put your China and your master bedroom nick-knacks together, but when you go to unpack, everything will be out of order. Instead, pack things by room and make sure to label each box with specific locations. For example, if the master bedroom in your new house is upstairs, write, “master bedroom, upstairs on the box.”

3. Take things to storage yourself

If you know you are going to put some things in storage as part of your move, do so yourself ahead of time if possible. This not only saves an extra trip, so you don’t move stuff and then put it in storage, it also may save you money because you have less to put on the moving truck. If you need information on storage in the Houston area, check out

4. Don’t pay for moving supplies

Moving companies often make extra money by selling boxes and bubble wrap, but with a little work, you can get the supplies yourself for free. You can use leftover newspaper or paper bags for packing material and you can get free boxes from many sources say the moving experts from Memphis,TN.Storage and moving adventures can quickly turn expensive if you don’t keep these tricks in mind.

5. Use packing tape

One moving supply you do need to spring for and spend some money on is packing tape. Masking tape or regular scotch tape may not be strong enough to hold boxes closed, while duct tape can be too strong and wind up damaging your boxes and maybe even your stuff. You can find packing tape at moving stores, home improvement stores, pharmacies and discount stores.

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