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Five Fantastic Tips for Packaging Fragile Items

Packaging Fragile Items

5 Tips for Packaging Fragile Items At Home

One thing that a person who’s contemplating a move dreads is packing items that are fragile. How can they be packed in a way that will get them across town or even across country without breaking? Here are five tips:

1. Let the Professionals Pack Them

Ideally, fragile items should be packed by professionals like those at Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Co. They have years of experience in successfully packing those delicate wine glasses or decanters or Japanese rice bowls. However, if a homeowner takes packaging fragile items in his own hands then following needs to be done –

2. Write “Fragile” on the Box

The words “fragile” and “this end up,” will save lots of items from breakage. Also, write down which room the items are going to go into. This will prevent the boxes from being handled more than they should be.

Packaging Fragile Items

3. Use a Large Box

Delicate items should be placed in a large box, wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper and placed on top of heavier items.

4. Prepare the Items Properly

Glasses, stemware and others should first be filled with packing paper that’s been wadded up. The stems and handles should also be wrapped with crinkled paper, then the item should be wrapped up in more packing paper.

After that, the items should be placed right side up in the box, with wadded and crinkled packing paper between them for insulation.

5. Special Boxes for Dishes

Dishes should be packed in boxes that are made especially for them. Professional movers can provide these boxes. But first, a few layers of packing paper should be laid down. Then a dish should be placed on top of it and the edges of the sheets should be pulled up and over the dish to protect it. Then, another couple of layers of packing paper should be laid down, a dish should be placed on top, and the process should be repeated. When there’s a substantial stack of plates, it should be flipped over then wrapped in bubble wrap. The bubble wrap should be secured with packing tape.

After the dishes are wrapped, they should be placed on edge in a special box then insulated with more crumpled packing paper. Add more stacks of dishes until the box is filled then top with even more packing paper. Shut and secure the box.

These tips will, it is hoped, enable the most fragile of items make the trip safely then be enjoyed in the new home!


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