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Pack Like a Pro: What to Keep, What to Toss When Moving

Packing up for a move can be a little bit frustrating, and this is especially true when you have amassed a large amount of items throughout the years. As you are going through everything, what should you keep and what should you toss?


Stop holding onto that shirt! If you have not worn it in the past five years, you are highly unlikely to ever wear it or need it again. Do not simply throw clothes away though; donate them to a charity. When you have clothes you are not sure about, pack them away with your other items in Murray UT storage units.

Old Holiday Cards

Some people hold onto these cards for sentimental value. Perhaps you really cannot bear to part with them. Promise yourself that they will go into a photo album upon arrival at your own house, or they will get thrown away. However, if you have kept them because you forgot about them, the time has come to introduce these cards to the trash bin. Take out the photos first if you would like.

Your Children’s Old Items

Perhaps Extra Space Storage in Las Vegas Nevada will work in the event that you are planning to have more children. Otherwise, you should look for charities that will accept these items. So many children in the world have few to no clothes, toys, books and so forth. Instead of keeping them all in the closet, let these other little ones benefit.

Office Supplies

Years and years ago, some friends gave you cool office supplies. Unfortunately, you do not work from home, and you do not even plan to have a home office at the new place. Once again, you can donate these items to someone who will use them. Another idea is to bring them into your job. Whether you are staying or leaving after the move, someone will be able to use them. Schools in low-income district are another place to donate.

Your Old Books and Magazines

Those schools might have some interest in these items too. When you have absolutely no interest in reading them ever again, you can get rid of them. Clear your near bookshelves for novels that will actually pique your interest.

When you are moving, many decisions have to be made. Some of them involve what you are going to to keep and what you are getting rid of. Use these tips and guidelines to help make your decision easier.

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