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4 Creative Outdoor Home Improvement Renovations

Outdoor Home Improvement – 4 Creative Tips

Home is a refuge for the family, a place of rest and relaxation. Everyone wants a beautiful home, but a makeover can take a great deal of time and money. Outdoor areas can be beautified gradually, with weekend projects that involve only a portion of the area around the house and only a fraction of the resources involved in more extensive projects. Here are a few ideas, from your friends at Canadian Comfort, to get you started.

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1. Plan A Garden Space
Herbs that grow well in your area, or wildflowers that can be found locally, make visually appealing, low-maintenance garden accents. Plan the area out in advance, determining the best location, size and composition. Gardens can start out small and grow with your needs. Making friends with a local gardening group and visiting nature preserves or plant nurseries can yield many ideas.

2. Edging the Walks
While it seems like a simple thing, adding decorative tiles or a strip of gravel along the edges of the walk can add charm to the overall picture of your home – out back or in front. Decorative lights can also be added, some of which are solar powered and require no wiring. Another option may be to replace the walk itself with a path, of gravel or stepping stones.

3. Installing A Decorative Water Feature
While this can be a somewhat larger project requiring professional installation, there are many smaller water features that can be placed by the homeowner to add a touch of elegance or a meditative aspect to a portion of the yard. Options range from small, solar-powered fountains that recycle their own water, to pools of any size and shape imaginable.

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4. Adding A Bench To the Yard
The idea of spending time in the yard is not limited to parties, games or barbecuing with friends or family. An area set aside for thinking, relaxing with a book, or meditating is an invaluable addition to the yard. Carefully choose the location for shade, shelter and noise level and choose a bench (or yard swing!) that fits your vision. Set the feet securely, with stable footing beneath.

Consider all the ways the area around the outside of your home can benefit your family. This vision will start your imagination, and involving family in the planning and implementation of your project can make the process even more fun. Memories made, the home’s beauty enhanced, life improved one project at a time.

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