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What You Need to Know About Wall Cladding

All About Wall Cladding

Embellishing your home with stone walls can be a great-looking and practical add-on to your house or flat. Apart from the walls, a perfect part for such a decorative feature would be a bar that divides the kitchen and the dining room. Bars made of stone can look at the same time modern and rustic. It all depends on the workers who deal with this stuff. However, today the situation is not too promising when it comes to economy and maybe it is not the right time for such expensive architectural solutions. Instead of that, you should go for wall cladding.


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What is wall cladding?

If you decide to clad your wall(s) or any other parts of your home, it means that you will just add the outer layer of stone, metal wood, timber or any other cladding material. Instead of making the whole wall or bar from stone or any other material, you will do that only with the surface. The final effect will not differ too much. The point is that under the cladding you ensure the right insulation, as well, if that decorative cladding is applied onto the exterior walls of your home.


Is it Affordable?

The answer to this question is a logical one. Let’s say that you would like to build a whole wall from stone. The expenses when making the whole wall from stone include the material itself, the transportation and the constructing part, as well. All these factors add to the overall cost of such a wall.

On the other hand, cladding requires a lesser amount of material and you only have the expenses of placing the material onto the surface of a concrete wall. The aesthetic outcome is very similar and you still have enough money in your pocket to apply cladding on other parts of the house. Different types of wall cladding and capping can be found on the market and maybe you could experiment a bit with them and layer different walls with different types of cladding.


Is it Environment-friendly?

As we have already said, cladding saves materials, meaning that another advantage is the fact that it is an environment-friendly construction solution. First of all, you do not have to pay for a whole truck for the material transport, but you can do it in a van or a bigger car. Secondly, you will save the energy that would be spent to make all the material that you need. Also, due to the plenitude of sorts of cladding materials, you can go for timber, which can also be full wood, which increase the level of deforestation.

Cladding is a perfect way of decorating some parts of your home with beautiful visual solutions, but at the same time save a lot of money and also behave in accordance with the rules of the green home building. Because of all that, cladding is one of the most beneficiary wall constructing techniques today and should be utilized as much as possible.

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