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Why Natural Gas Appliances Are Better for Home Heating and Cooking

Natural Gas Appliances

Natural Gas Appliances –

Why Are They Better for Home Heating and Cooking

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Some homeowners think that since natural gas has been around long before there was even a single electric light bulb in any home that today it has been supplanted by electricity. On the contrary, natural gas is now utilized to fuel the latest in cooking and heating technologies in homes and can save a fortune in monthly utility costs. Here are a few reasons why natural gas use in the home is better.

1. Natural Gas Burns Cleaner

The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that natural gas not only burns cleaner than other fossil fuels, but it also does not produce solid waste that needs to be disposed of. Coal and even nuclear fuel used to produce electricity also produce solid waste. In the case of nuclear, these solid wastes can be dangerous indefinitely.

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2. Natural Gas Creates Even Heat at Peak Efficiency

Ask any chef what type of fuel he wants a stove or oven to run on and the overwhelming answer is natural gas. Those who prepare food prefer its even and highly controllable heat output. New lines of commercial grade natural gas cooking appliances for residential home use are very popular. Natural gas furnaces not only provide consumers with heat that they say feels more comfortable, but the furnaces can also operate at a 97 percent AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating).

3. Natural Gas is Safe

The United States Energy Information Administration indicates that around 61 percent of homes use natural gas. Modern furnaces are so efficient that they no longer require a flue vent. Rather, simple PVC pipes are used to vent them to the outdoors at ground level. Professional gas fitting services like those of Academy Mechanical Services Inc. in Edmonton prevent faulty installations that could lead to safety issues.

4. Natural Gas Costs Less

The Marcellus shale natural gas deposits on the eastern side of the United States is one of the huge projects of American extraction of the huge natural gas reserves. This will provide clean and inexpensive natural gas for many years to come. Some states where drilling and production are active actually had consumers get a rebate from their natural gas providers. Typically, where natural gas delivery infrastructure exists, it costs less than electricity nationwide.


The two biggest energy expenditures for any home or business is the cost of heating and cooling. Heating with natural gas can provide significant savings to offset the cost of cooling in the summer. The overall preferred fuel for home and commercial cooking appliances is natural gas. Whereas some fuel sources are being phased out, this safe and clean fuel will remain viable for both homes and businesses for generations to come.

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