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Natural Calamities – Make Sure Your Home Is Ready For The Worst

Floods, Fires, Earthquakes Etc…Natural Calamities

4 Things That Will Help Make Sure Your Home Is Ready For The Worst

Nobody wants to think about the probability of an earthquake, tornado or other natural calamities happening to them. However, NOT thinking and preparing for them could put your safety, and your family’s safety on the line. As a homeowner, being prepared for the worst is a necessity. Below we outline 4 things that will make sure you are ready for the worst.

1. Know your “Danger” probability and frequency

The first step is to research and know WHAT you are preparing against. Although you should cover all of your basics, the region you live in will greatly decide how and what you prepare. For example, if you live in Kansas tornadoes are probably your biggest concern. Californians should be wary of earthquakes, etc. etc.

Additionally, make sure you figure out the probability and frequency of these events and what their potential damage is. Once you have an idea of your most likely ‘event’ then you can begin to prepare for it.

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2. Stock up

In the event of any disaster, homeowners should always be prepared to be without power, water and emergency response for at least 48 hours. Make sure you have enough water and food to last for at least that long for EVERY member of your household. If you have the space and money, stock up for longer than that. Make sure none of the food in your stock needs to be prepared using electricity.

Additional Items:

•First aid-kit, fully stocked

•Any Prescribed Medications

•EpiPen and/or benadryl for anyone with allergies

•Flashlights (Preferably hand cranked not battery dependent)

•Wireless AM/FM Radio (with Batteries)

•Identification for all household members

•Charged Cell Phone (Even disconnected phones will call 911 if they have power)

Next, refer back to your specific ‘event’ and research any additional items most relevant to your area’s needs.

3. Prepare local and distant relief support contacts

When an event hits, you may need medical services or other relief. Make sure to have an easily accessible list of local police, fire and medical services with full contact and address information.

Additionally, if you have to relocate for any reason, have a plan in mind for who your distant contact will be. Family members are highly recommended as this option. Pre-establish with them that you will be reaching out to them first in case of any event. Family members who are close, but not in range of a typical, regional event are your best option.

4. Make sure your Home Owners or Renters Insurance is current

So you’ve survived the ‘event,’ your family is safe and you head back home. Now what? When preparing for anything make sure you are thinking of your future. Having good Home Owners or Renters insurance will help you get back on your feet. So when it is safe to go home, you don’t spend an arm and a leg making your home livable again. Thomson Schindle Green Insurance & Financial Services Ltd is a company that does home insurance in Medicine hat. They are a good example of just how many different options are out there when it comes to choosing which provider is right for you.

Overall, make sure to think through all aspects of the event. What to expect when the ‘event’ hits, making sure you will be taken care of in the immediate aftermath and finally, preparing for the longer recovery in the future. Nobody likes to think that the worst will happen. But nothing can be worse than not being prepared.


Stay safe, stay informed!

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