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5 Secrets to Moving China and Other Delicate Items

The Art of Moving Delicate Items

When you are moving your family from one home to another, you must take care to be sure that you treat your most delicate items with kid gloves. You can work with a company like JiaJia Intl Moving Inc to make sure that your precious valuables are going to make it to your new home with ease. The five tips below will make it much easier for you to move safely.

Pack Delicate Items Individually

When you are packing all your China and delicate items, you need to be sure that all the items are packed individually. You must wrap all your plates and glasses so that they do not touch each other. They are more likely to break if they are touching, and they will move around less during the transport process.

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Pad the Boxes

When you put your delicate items in large boxes, the inside of each box must be padded. You want to use styrofoam or foam rubber to keep your items from moving around. This will also prevent damage if something happens to the outside of the box.

Take them in the Car

When you are working with your delicate items, you may want to bring them in the car with you during the move. A professional mover will not be offended if you choose to take these items along with you. Also, you can ask the driver to keep these items in the cab with them.

Label Everything

All the boxes you are moving must be labeled carefully. You need to show the moving crew which part of the box is the top. You must also show which boxes are fragile. You need to be sure that the moving crew can see what is in the boxes. The few moments spent writing on the boxes will help indicate where your most precious items. Also, this labeling will help during the process of unpacking.

Work Ahead

You can ask the moving company to ship your items ahead so that they are not in the truck. This allows you to protect your valuables with a parcel service, and this also allows you to unpack the items when you arrive. They come in a box that you can label, and you do not need to worry about them being damaged during the move.

When you are moving, you must consider all the items above. You can move your delicate items safely if you plan properly.

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