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Moving Checklist – How to Stay Organized During a Move

Moving Checklist – How to Stay Organized During a Move

You’re moving to a new home. Congratulations! A change of environment is as good as a rest. Buying a new home is a dream come true and remarkable achievement. It comes with a lot of excitement. At the time you get your new home you often don’t think about the nightmare that comes with moving; at least not immediately. Some people wait until it’s too late before they start packing, write a moving checklist or find the right movers. The last minute rush is not good for you because it means a lot of things will be mixed up, broken, lost among other misfortunes that you really don’t want on the day of the move.

We know the inconveniences involved in moving and the pressure that comes with it. This post will actually give you amazing ideas on how to have a smooth move and stay organized during your move.


Reduce the Bulk of Your Items

 You don’t have to go through the hassle of getting yourself a big truck or two because you have many items when you can actually reduce the bulk of your items.

You may consider selling the items which you don’t need. We all have those items that are in good shape but which we no longer use. It may be a gift from a friend or family that you’ve never used. You may be having that piece of electronic gadget that you stopped using when you bought a new one.  Selling these items helps you kill two birds with one stone; it gives you extra cash to facilitate your move as you also reduce the bulk of your items.

You may also donate some to charity: You may consider giving back to the society by helping the needy. Set a date and donate the clothing and toys among other belongings that you can.

For the old items that you cannot donate or sell, dispose them off in an appropriate manner. You really don’t want to carry old items that you no longer need across town.


Moving Checklist – Before you Move


  • Find the Right Movers

Finding the right mover can make things a lot easier for you on the day of the move. Research on different reputable moving companies. Look at their charges, go through their terms and conditions in fine print to ensure that you don’t miss on any rule that might put you in trouble. Find out whether the company is licensed and insured. Are their movers trained or are they just contract workers who are barely trained on moving? Do they offer compensation for items damaged during the move? Find as much information as you can about the company.

Contact the company and agree on the charges and mode of payments. Keep in touch with them and confirm your pick-up date early enough.

  • Change your address

A week or two before you move, make sure you change your addresses. You don’t really want to have all your mails and parcels delivered to the wrong place. Do that to your online services like PayPal, eBay, Amazon and credit facilities too to make sure the accounts stay updated. Inform the guys who clean for you, deliver your newspapers and all other relevant helps about your moving. Ensure you settle all your bills; telephone, electricity, water etc.

  • Write a quick to-do List

Moving to a new home is not a walk in the park. You will have a lot of things to do and remember. Jot down everything you’re planning to do on a piece of paper, pin this paper somewhere on the wall and tick against the ones you have achieved. You can keep adding new items to your list till the last day.

  • Clean your apartment

Make sure you leave your old house clean. Ensure the kitchen and washrooms are cleaned—it’s courteous. Burn all trashes and papers or at least dispose of them as appropriate.

  • Get boxes

Boxes can be acquired cheaply from the store, retail shops and liquor shops around your neighborhood.

  • Label your boxes

Label your boxes systematically according to rooms, indicate what is contained in the box and to which room the boxes belong to. Have the accurate figure of the number of boxes you are moving with by numbering all the boxes.

Moving Checklist – Clever Packing Hacks


  • Sort out things by category

To avoid confusion during unpacking, so put things of the same category together as per the labelled boxes for easy identification.

  • Take pictures of your electronic cable connections

This will help prevent wrong connections when re-assembling your electronic gadgets.

  • Padding

Invent extra Padding on your electronics, glasses and other fragile items. Use clothes and mattresses to provide extra padding to keep your items from breaking.

  • Books in beer boxes

Pack your books in beer boxes because books are very heavy and can pop out through the bottom of your boxes. Beer boxes are strong and can contain the heavy weight of the books

  • When packing your plates

Pack your plates vertically in the boxes and provide padding to prevent breakages and chipping of their edges.

  • Overnight bag for convenience

Pack an overnight bag. This will help you in carrying items that you might need to use before you unpack other boxes. It should contain toiletry, quick clothes, and box-cutters among others.

  • Defrost your Fridge before you move.


Moving Checklist – On the Moving Day

This is what is actually required of you on this day;

  • Wake up early, call your movers and confirm their coming
  • Take a good picture of your old home after you have removed everything and cleaned it and a picture of your new home before you move in—it’s good for memories.
  • Be friendly to your movers. If possible give them something to eat.
  • In case you have pets or children, find a sitter for them for that day.
  • Load heavy items like furniture first into the truck. Boxes of the same category should also be loaded together.
  • Don’t forget to carry fast food to eat during the move.

If you follow these moving tips, you’ll be sure to stay organized during your move.






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