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On the Move: Seven Simple Steps to Packing Heavy Items

When planning an upcoming move out of your current home, you’ll likely run into some frustration due to some of the heavier items that you have. In order for your heavy items to be delivered to your new home without any problems, it’s best to consider the following seven steps so that your items are packed carefully without a high risk of damage.

1. Considering the Durability of an Item

Whether you’re moving a fragile statue that is quite heavy or you’re moving a ton of outdoor supplies, it’s best for you to consider how durable the items are so that you can pack them accordingly.  Packing something like a fragile vase requires a certain amount of care and attention to detail that heavier items don’t require.

On the Move Seven Simple Steps to Packing Heavy Items

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2. Choosing the Ideal Packing Materials

From bubble wrap to cardboard stuffing and boxes, there are so many options for packing so that your items can be moved to your new home. Styrofoam and bubble wrap make an ideal combination for packing fragile items.  Packing peanuts also make a perfect material for packing fragile items. For added security. Try combining several packing materials together.

3. Wrapping the Heavy Item Carefully

After deciding what kind of packing materials would be best suited for your items, you need to take some time to wrap everything properly so that there is a lower risk of anything being damaged. Never be in a hurry when wrapping your items. All it takes is one misstep to potentially break a fragile item.

4. Preventing the Item from Rattling in the Box

When using a box to pack your items, it’s best to stuff the inside of the box with packing materials so that the item won’t be moving around inside.  Try stuffing the box with newspaper. Packing peanuts and other soft, but secure material.

5. Labeling a Box Properly

Whether your items are quite fragile or durable, it’s best for you to properly label the outside of the box with care.  We recommend using a thick black colored Sharpie marker, so the writing is highly visible. By alerting the movers of whether your items are fragile or durable, you should feel relieved knowing that the items are being handled accordingly.

6. Distribute Weight Properly

In order for everything to be moved without risk of harming you or your professional movers, it’s best to get everything in the boxes with the weight distributed evenly so that the box isn’t going to tip over or cause back problems.

7. Insurance to Help with the Risk of Damage

While you can do a lot of work to help ensure that your items are packed safely, the best thing that you can do is get insurance so that if any damage occurs, you can get your money reimbursed to you.

While heavier items can be a challenge to move, you can make the process easier by packing carefully. By using the above steps provided by North Western Warehouse, you should gain the confidence that all of your items can arrive safely at your new home.


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