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Minimizing Your Kitchenware

 Minimizing Your Kitchenware

As far as utensils are concerned, you can easily ‘get away with’ less than ten items which will serve you fine. A wooden spoon, kitchen tongs, citrus juicer, ladle, spatula, and a whisk are the ones you can’t live without. You can choose whether you want the wooden ones, the plastic ones, or the ones made from stainless steel. This depends on your cookware and whether using stainless steel ones would damage the surfaces or not.

minimizing your kitchenware

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Depending on your preferences and what you and your family like to eat and prepare, you may change this list and add or remove something from it. A simple hand mixer is a must in any kitchen, and next to it there should be a kettle, because it boils water much faster than a stove. A toaster and a blender are also great especially for those who enjoy a smoothie and fresh toast in the morning. In the end, you could stack a waffle iron somewhere and use it to make easy dessert.


For anyone who likes to cook, a stainless steel kitchenware set is necessary: food will not stick to the bottom (if you are just starting), nor will you have problems with mixing, stirring, or frying in one of these. Depending on the size of your kitchen and your preferences, you can choose a six- or eight-piece set (like Scanpan) and work from there. Maybe you will have to add something else later on, but a high quality set is the foundation you should not skip over or save money on.

Minimizing your kitchenware, Matchbox

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Al those small things which cannot be categorized anywhere else but you cannot live without them: cutting board, corkscrew, can opener, kitchen grater, timer, rolling pin, salt dish and pepper grinder. All of these are not only handy, but absolutely necessary in a well-equipped kitchen.

Hide it

If there is no way for you to get rid of all the kitchenware you have, find a good way to hide it at least. Get built-in shelves and move your jars, cups, and glasses out of sight. This would mean that you have clean and clear surfaces to work on, but you still have all of your things within reach, only well hidden.

Nothing is impossible if you have but a good idea, so feel free to try something new; talk to your friends, and get your inspiration from the web, or from TV shows. Once you get a hang of this, you will be the expert all your friends will look up to, and you will have a wonderful and incredibly functional kitchen to be proud of.

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