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How Can You Maximise the Use of Your Skip Hire?

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If you are looking for some convenient solution for your waste disposal, then Skip Hire is known to be the perfect solution for you. Whether you have a bulk amount of waste or a small amount, there are some premium Skip Hire services, who will offer you high-quality services according to your needs.

What is Skip Hire?

It is a fast, simple and reliable way to store, transport and dispose of dry waste from any residential and industrial areas. You can opt for Skip hire in different sizes and variants that include mini, medium, and large. Skip hire is normally measured in Cubic Yards.

From clearing a shedding construction waste or working a full house clearance, learning how to maximize the use of skip is an important skill. Today, we’re going to share with you some important tips on how you can maximize the use of your skip.

Think before you load

People don’t think while throwing all their waste into the skip. It might give you satisfaction while doing this, but you need to think before you load that what you are throwing in the skip. You need to think about the best way to approach disposal. The finest tip that we can give you is – “Think Before You Load”.

So, next time, whenever you load your skip, think before you load.

Larger and lighter items on the bottom

We all think that filling the bottom with heavier items first will provide us with higher advantages, but it is a much more wasteful approach. But the truth is, you need to focus on throwing out larger. lighter items first. So that they can be combined later on by heavier objects. The heavier items will free up more space as you go, p[ressing the lighter waste further to the base of the skip. When you do it practically, you will find out. The overall results of the exercise are less waster space throughout.

Dismantle your waste

If you contain a larger item as waste, which is broken up, dismantled or flattened then you should compact it so that they will take less space in your skip and easily movable for you.

Small pieces can easily fit and more conveniently adjust in the skip. This includes big boxes, wardrobes, and fixtures and fittings, so make sure you dismantle your waste before you load it to the skip.

Know what not to put in your skip

The biggest mistake that you do here is putting the hazardous waste and other items, which is not allowed to dump in your skip. So, you need to check what can and can’t be loaded into a skip before you hire one. You need to survey your property extensively so that you don’t dump these items accordingly. So, here we are to help you out with what is and what is not allowed in a skip, here are some examples.

    • WEEE recycling waste – computers, monitors, televisions, etc.

    • Asbestos

    • Batteries

    • Fluorescent lights

    • Medical waste

    • Fuels – such as oils and gas cylinders

    • Paints

    • Solvents

    • Tires

    • Fridges freezers and washing machines

Make sure you choose the right skip size

When you hire any skip hire services, you will get options for hiring a skip in different sizes according to your needs. So, make sure you always hire the one skip hire which sufficiently enough according to your requirement. You might think of saving money by choosing a small size skip but it will ultimately cause you bigger problems in the long run.

Before going to hire a skip, you need to figure out exactly how much waste you need to dispose of and talk to your skip hire company to give you some consultation accordingly. They will help you out with the best resources so that you get the best results. This will help you in saving your money and providing you with ultimate pleasure.

Wrapping Up

We hope that the above-discussed points provide you all the insights of maximizing the use of your skip. Keep the size, what to dump and what to not, dismantling your waste in your mind and you will get some premium advantages of using skip hire services.

After following the above points, ultimately you will easily save your money and get some premium services that you were always looking for.

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