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Making Your Home Electrically Savvy: 5 Update Ideas

In today’s increasingly wired world, having an effective home electrical system is utterly vital for the homeowner. This selection of electrical updates can help improve the value of new homes. St. George,Utah home owners, by installing some of these systems, can help improve their homes’ value and comfort alike.

LED Lighting

LED lights produce a cool, white light that is ideal for any type of indoor activity. In addition, these lights last far longer than incandescent or CFC bulbs, in addition to using very little power. Because of this, someone installing LED lighting in their home can ultimately save a large amount of money through reduced power and bulb replacement bills. Finally, LED lights produce very little heat, reducing the home’s fire risk.

Making Your Home Electrically Savvy- 5 Update Ideas

Photoelectric Light Controls

Few individuals wish to come home to a dark house at night, but leaving the lights on will result in an unacceptably high power bill. However, photoelectric light controls can be added to outdoor lights with a minimum of effort and will automatically turn the lights off during the day, while leaving them on at night. By using these systems for porch and driveway lights, a homeowner need never again fear coming home after dark.

Energy Monitors

Keeping track of the power bill is a vital part of any new homeowners budgeting process. By using an energy monitor, a homeowner can get a real-time view of his or her power usage. Many energy monitors include WiFi connections, allowing the homeowner to monitor short and long-term power usage from a desktop PC, tablet, or Android cell phone. In fact, it is possible to program these systems to automatically alert the homeowner when the home’s power consumption rises above a certain point, ensuring that unpleasantly high power bills become a thing of the past.

Lighted Wall Switches

Finding a wall switch can be difficult in the dark, especially for the elderly. Using lighted wall switches can eliminate this trouble, as they are easily visible, no matter the light level. Using negligible amounts of power and producing no heat, these wall switches are both attractive and drastically improve residential safety for new homes. St. George Utah residents and guests alike will never have to fumble around in the dark looking for the switch when these systems are installed.

Central Charging Stations

The modern homeowner has a vast range of personal electronics, ranging from PDAs to tablet computers. All of these systems require charging, and a single home charging station can avoid an unsightly clutter of extension cords and charging units. In addition, by installing a central charging station for all portable electronics, the homeowner can ensure that he or she is less likely to lose track of the charging systems.

A home is a long-term investment and the homeowner should make certain that he or she is satisfied with the final product. When buying or building new homes, owners should look into these electrically savvy update ideas, which can help improve a home’s look, value, and longevity alike.


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