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Ways To Make Your Yard Look Amazing Without Using Grass

When landscaping comes up in conversation, people tend to immediately consider the possibilities of grass. However, if you check out the Landscaping Maple Grove MN website, you will be amazed to know how the same landscaping can be much more than the traditional combination of green grass and shrubbery. People are thinking much further outside of the box and coming up with landscaping solutions that are appealing, easy to maintain, and wholly unique. There are also plenty of materials that mimic grass without sticking people with the added responsibility of mowing, aerating, and performing all of the other time-consuming activities that come with grass maintenance.

Gravitate Towards Gravel

One popular alternative to a green lawn is to replace the majority of your grass with gravel that forms the basis for a relaxing patio. This choice has proven to be especially popular in regions with extreme weather where grasses struggles to survive most of the year. Gravel creates a permeable surface that can still sustain tree life, and it comes in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. People also accent the edges of the gravel space using potted plants and stone-wall dividers.

Western Appeal

A huge number of homeowners are deciding to drastically reduce the presence of grass by creating a yard that is primarily planting space for low-water plants and desert fauna. This appealing new look can also incorporate large flat stones that create walkways or sitting areas. You drastically reduce the costs for watering your lawn in addition to creating a yard that maintains is visual appeal throughout the year.

Second Only to Nature

Replacing grass with turf and potted plants has also been the focus of many landscape designers. Turf can allow you to completely eliminate grass from your yard without losing the appeal of the flat areas of color. Grass turf is easy to install and requires virtually no effort to maintain. Many people have shied away from this material in the past, believing it to appear fake and stiff to the touch. However, the products going into today’s turf can be virtually indistinguishable from actual grasses.

Deck It Out

You can also eliminate those dreaded yard work chores by extending low-level decking across the entire yard space. The beauty in wood finishes and the durability of today’s decking materials will give you an appealing landscape that draws in visitors to your home and encourages socializing. Small planting areas can be built into your deck layout so that you can also add touches of color to your overall design.

Mouth-watering Landscaping

An extremely utilitarian solution is to make your yard into one large garden dedicated to food and vegetables. The amount of time you spend doing yard work is likely to increase, however, the quality of the ingredients going into your cooking will be the payoff. This strategy will certainly give you a variety of visual elements to work with, and the change will lead to landscaping elements that become self-sustaining over time.

Greenery, Watered Down

Another option that you may not have considered is increasing the presence of water in combination with other landscape elements such as pea gravel. By building large, shallow pools for various exotic plant life, you add a visual beauty that will encourage the presence of ducks or other wildlife. The water can potentially support small fish and exist as a truly unique element in the neighborhood.


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