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Make it a Smarthome: Five Inexpensive Ideas to Automate Your Home

Make it a Smarthome-Five Inexpensive Ideas to Automate Your Home

An increasing number of homeowners are looking for inexpensive ways to automate different parts of a house. Many devices and services have appeared that make starting home automation easy and affordable. Homeowners will want to consider several inexpensive automation options.

Make it a Smarthome-Five Inexpensive Ideas to Automate Your Home

Motorized Blinds or Shades

Motorized blinds or shades are window dressings that include the ability to open and close automatically. These can be controlled by a wireless remote, a button on the wall or even a programmable timer. Some installations allow a person to open all of the shades in a room with a remote at the same time. Motorized window dressings are an inexpensive form of home automation.

Remote Controlled Outlets

Homeowners who want inexpensive automation can purchase remote-controlled adapters for electrical outlets. These wireless devices plug into a standard outlet and respond to signals from a remote control, a computer or even an app. The outlets allow a homeowner to turn appliances, lights or other electronics plugged into the device on or off from a distance.

Motion Activated Lights

Motion activated lights use a small sensor mounted in a room to detect movement. Anyone coming into the room will trigger one or more lights to activate. Similarly, a lack of motion for a long time will cause the lights to turn off. These sensors can be used with installed fixtures or with freestanding lamps plugged into a receiver.

Wireless Thermostat

Wireless thermostats are part of complete home automation systems like those offered through Vivint in Rio Rancho, NM. They can also be purchased and installed separately. A wireless thermostat gives homeowners the ability to raise and lower temperatures or change the program through a remote control or a mobile device running a specific app. These thermostats can help to lower energy costs and make the home more comfortable.

Upgraded Security Systems

An inexpensive way to automate a home is to install one of the newest home security systems. A Bridgeport home security system expert said, “now it is easier than ever for the average home owner to have a home automation system. You can pick a package that comes with the option to inexpensively upgrade components so that they control different parts of the house.” This gives homeowners access to remote monitoring through the Internet, control of small appliances through a mobile app and control of lights and locks. A combination security and home automation system can integrate with some other separate devices as well for added convenience and safety.

Home automation is becoming increasingly common because of these inexpensive and accessible options. It is also becoming easier to control different components through central home automation systems due to standardization of the technology. Homeowners can now automate many parts of a house just by installing a security system or changing a thermostat.

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