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How to Make Your Hallway a Safe Place to Play

How to Make Your Hallway a Safe Place to Play

The moment your child starts to explore the world that surrounds him, is the exact moment when you can get a world of headaches. While the child’s experience of your home and surroundings is new, and everything in its reach is exciting and adventurous, you will certainly have concerns about your little adventurer’s safety.

To comprehend how your child is experiencing the world, there is one simple trick that you can do. Simply sit down in the middle of the room, and find the same eye-level and point of view, to find out what is it that your toddler is observing and what could be possibly dangerous. Turn around and make sure that you’ve covered everything. Hallways are often neglected, and at the same time an equally dangerous place as anywhere else in the house, so here are a few tips on how to make your hallway a safe place to play.


Make sure that your child has the much needed space for play, simple as that. Move all unnecessary stuff from the hallway, especially pointy, sharp things such as umbrellas, and breakable objects like any vases or decorations that you might have. It’s not for the sake of the vase, or a sculpture, if it’s in the child’s reach it will get down from that shelf and break in front of his, or her, feet. Basically clear the area and lock all cabinets.

Rug for comfort

Not just for décor, but also to keep your child’s feet warm, and in case of falling it will surely be a lot better to have a runner rug waiting underneath. This is a perfect opportunity and an excuse to buy something nice and round up that area with a stylish carpet, and you can find something nice that fits in with the setting or something fuzzy and warm that will keep your child entertained and centered when it wanders off in the hallway in a search for adventure.

Cover all outlets

Of course, like everywhere else in the house you need covers for your electrical outlets. You are well aware that they could be a real hazard for your child, and when you are choosing the type of covers consider the height. If the outlet is positioned low, you should put a simple plastic plug-cover, because if you mount one of those big, boxlike covers they could also be dangerous if your child falls down during the play. Let’s not imagine what that unfortunate landing would feel like. Learn how to make your whole home baby-proof when it comes to electrical appliances and outlets.

Gate at the stairs

Only one step of stairs is enough to hurt your child, so you are certainly in a need of a gate at the bottom of your stairs. Those things can be found at your local home depot, or a similar store with house appliances, and they are not that expensive as well. They are easy to install, and the man of the house shouldn’t have too much problems with securing the area with a help of a proper screwdriver.

The most important thing is not to limit your child, exploring is an extremely important part of that sensitive and young age, and this is how they learn about the world around us. The only thing that you should be doing, besides allowing that adventurous spirit to grow, is to make these expeditions safe as possible and comfortable for you and your child.

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Gabby is a working mom from Sydney. She has recently started a few home decor projects, and now is a big fan of designer timber furniture. She plans on sharing all her ideas about home decor and they will all be safe for children.

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