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Major Signs You May Need to Replace Your Toilet

Is It Time to Replace Your Toilet?

Your toilet gets a lot of use, so it is essential to keep it in good operating condition. Although you can accomplish minor repairs with ease, frequent breakdowns or excessive water use indicate it is time to purchase and install a new one. The sooner that you recognize these faults, the more money you will save in utility bills as well as in potential ancillary repairs.

Recurring Repairs

Toilets have a number of working parts, all of which are bound to wear out at some point. Typical components that require replacement include the fill valve, flapper and tank handle. When breakdowns occur frequently, weigh the cost and irritation of repairs against the cost of a new toilet. You’ll often find that you will save considerable money by replacing rather than repairing. Old components can often be hard to find as well as expensive, resulting in additional time that the toilet will improperly operate.

Image courtesy of nuttakit /
Image courtesy of nuttakit /

Outdated Fixture

If your toilet is more than 20 years old, you may want to replace it, even if it working properly. Many old toilets take a long time to fill and do not flush well. In addition, the older the unit, the more likely it is to crack, thereby causing additional problems. Today’s toilets are much more efficient, flushing quickly and using a fraction of water compared to older units. Some toilets even have a flush option for liquid or solid waste, allowing you to save even more on water bills. If you aren’t sure about the efficiency of your toilet, ask a plumber from Plumb Perfect Ltd. or from a company in your particular locale.


Toilets are composed of two main sections, the tank and the bowl. Both can develop cracks. Although you may think that cracks are easy to detect, sometimes they are not. Test for cracks by putting dye in the tank. The dye will discolor the crack as it seeps through the porcelain. Odorous water that pools around the base of an otherwise well-functioning toilet indicates that the bowl has a crack.


Sometimes such cracks are not evident as the crack may be located inside the internal P-trap, necessitating removal and examination of the entire unit. Replacing a leaking toilet is essential as water from the leak can damage flooring or subflooring, and can even necessitate replacement if the damage is severe enough. If the toilet is in an upstairs bathroom, the leak can even cause damage to rooms below. Another good reason to replace a leaky toilet is that leaks waste water and raise your utility bill.


If you see any of these serious signs, you likely need a new toilet. If you need help with choosing a new toilet or professional installation, ask a plumber near you.



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