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4 Best Practices for Maintaining Your Water Heater

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How To Maintain Your Water Heater


A hot water heater is a necessity in homes today, and you probably rely on your hot water heater to provide you with a convenient source of heated water on a daily basis. The hot water may be used for everything from cooking to bathing, and it can be highly inconvenient when you do not have access to hot water as needed. Maintaining your hot water heater is one of the best ways that you can keep your system running well and minimizing the risk of interruption of service. There are a few best practices that you can follow to properly maintain your hot water heater.

Invest in a Water Softener

One of the more common issues that homeowners have with their hot water heater relates to sediments in the heated water that builds up in the bottom of the water tank. In many areas, hard water is a problem, and this essentially means that there are minerals and other sediments that occur naturally in the water in your area. By investing in a water softener, you can minimize the effects of hard water on your water heater.

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Drain Your Tank

Draining your water tank from time to time is a critical component to extending the life of your water heater. You can follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for draining the tank for the best results. Essentially, this process removes any additional sediment, rust or other issues in the water tank that may result in a foul odor or colored water when using the hot water heater.

Check Your Connections

From time to time, it is beneficial to inspect your hot water heater connections for signs of damage. Your hot water heater typically will have connections for water input and output as well as for the electrical power or gas supply. Ensure that these connections are secure and undamaged. Look for signs of leaks through a visual inspection, and smell the air around the tank for signs of a gas leak.

Schedule Maintenance Service

Finally, you may consider the benefit of requesting periodic maintenance service from a professional, whether that means those from Campbellcare Plumbing Heating & Air in Richmond or another provider in your particular area. The professional can follow all of these steps on your behalf, and he or she may have specialized skills and knowledge that can be used to identify potential problems with the hot water heater before they become truly problematic for you.


With how important a hot water heater is in your home, you do not want to deal with disruption of the service. You can request an appointment with a hot water heater service professional today to set up an appointment for maintenance service.

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