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Landscaping Ideas For Urbanites Living In Apartments

Landscaping Ideas For Urbanites Living In Apartments

Limited outdoor space is a common complaint among apartment dwellers. However, the good news is, you do not have to restrict the naturalist in you, due to the shortage of green spaces outside your apartment. You can grow pretty much anything from fresh vegetables to motley fruits, flowers and shrubs. There are plenty of ideas to get started with. No, we are not talking about bonsais. There are many more options beyond that in horticulture. Read through to find out what might interest you.


Dwarf Trees

These plants may be smaller than the regular ones, but they bear fruits of the same size. Fill up some lovely terracotta planters with soil and manure; plant dwarf citrus trees. They can be placed anywhere as long as the sunlight reaches them. Try making use of the ledge or the floor of your balcony, but make sure that they do not topple over and crack someone’s head. These plants make for a beautiful sight when bright yellow fruits hang from the small braches and shine in the sun. Their fragrance is heartening too. And they supplement your menu with Vitamin C.

Potted Plants

Have you always fancied having shrubberies along the garden path? Make use of what you have and you might end up getting more than what you expected. Potted plants are a great way of making the most of the cramped quarters of apartments. If you have some spare wooden beams available, repurpose them to serve as the base for these potted shrubs. A wrought iron candelabra is a good addition to the scene.

Patio Roses

If you are a flower person, your little patio space should be in full bloom all year round. Patio roses are very popular among city dwellers. They grow on planters and all they need is a good 5 to 6 hours of sunlight to bloom bright. Varying in colors from gentle to dark pink, they are a spectacle to behold. Plant some flowering undergrowth in the free spots at the foot of the plant for a fuller look.

Strawberries from the Windowsill

Your windowsill can serve as the bed for some verdant strawberry plants as long as they are on the sunny side of the apartment. Fleshy red strawberries hanging from the light timber background of the window pane from their lush green plants is a sight that lights up the indoors. And of course they offer farm fresh toppings for your salad.

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Group Pots

The best way to substitute a garden in an apartment space is to use group pots. Large galvanized containers can be used to grow veggies such as leeks, peppers, chives and tomatoes. Bring a few of these pots of varying sizes and sow a different plant in each. Water them well and let the sun do the rest. With full grown plants, they look better than gardens. An eyeful of wild right in your apartment!

Plant Baskets on Railings

Lining up the railings of your balcony with flowering shrubs and grasses is a nice way of breaking the monotony of concrete. The arrangement guarantees cool breeze, quality air and a refreshing sight all around. They also act as a curtain blocking dust and dirt. Make sure you water them regularly. It is always wise to have plants that can survive without much water.

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