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Know more about the hardwood

When you are building your own house you need to make lot of choices in order to bring different parts of the house to order. Hardwood floors gave been around for centuries and are still one of the most popular choices for a floor. Whether your house or you office, hardwood floor can be used everywhere. For the best hardwood flooring solutions, you can visit hardwood floor Miami.

Major Types of hardwood floors-

American Cherry wood floor – this type of wood is used for both floors and cabinets. The American Cherry is popular because it is not only attractive but also easy to work with. Though it is not hard like oak wood but American cherry will offer you colours with different tones. The colour will get darker with time and will have an enhanced appearance.

Red and White Oak – both red and white oak is very popular hardwood floor option. Naturally these woods have pale color. In the red oak you can detect little hints of pink. Both types of oak can be used in other applications than flooring. Out of the two, white Oak is a little harder than the red one. On the other hand red oak in easier to cut and fix.

Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) – the Brazilian version of the cherry has a very notable feature. Its color is rich shade of reddish brown that becomes lustrous burgundy with the passage of the time. Another very important aspect of Brazilian Cherry, popularly known as Jatoba is its hardness. Jatoba is even harder than types of mahogany wood. Brazilian Cherry scores really well on both fronts- looks and durability making it a great flooring choice.

Hard Maple wood – Maple wood is harder than oak. The texture of Maple wood is uniform and it has surface that is naturally very good as abrasion-resistant. As a result it is a popular flooring choice. The first settlers in North America used maple for the sturdiness and even today its use has not diminished.

After choosing, there comes installation of the floor and then maintenance. To fulfil all these needs, you will have to follow several important tips:

  • Choose the type of hardwood based on the amount of foot traffic that the floor will have to withstand.
  • Go to a reputed flooring expert like hardwood floor Miami to get the best price, terms, conditions and warranty. You should not buy from a random place.
  • It is always better to have a professional installer for the installation of hardwood floor.
  • To keep the floor clean you should use mops and vacuum cleaners. Do not use too much water while cleaning the floor. Avoid harsh detergents while cleaning as they make the upper surface dull.
  • You should not keep damp carpet, rugs or clothes over the floor for long.

One such area is flooring. There are multiple options in flooring. You can go for a stone floor, marble/tile floor, laminated floor and last but not the least hardwood floors.

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