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Top Tips to Streamline Your Kitchen Remodeling

Top Tips to Streamline Your Kitchen Remodeling


If you’ve been dreaming of remodeling your kitchen, then you may have concerns about the logistics. Your kitchen will be largely unusable if cabinets are missing, tiles are in process of being grouted and the plumbing is disconnected. You want to make the remodel go as quickly as possible, but that means being prepared ahead of time. Here are some top ways to streamline your kitchen remodeling.

Never Underestimate the Power of Planning

A great kitchen remodel will require weeks of planning and a few more weeks of work. However, you can speed up the installation process by making sure that you have everything ready to go ahead of time. Make room in the garage to store your new cabinets ahead of time. Have the counter installers scheduled a few weeks in advance so that you won’t lose time waiting for an appointment. Choose flooring that doesn’t require adhesive that sets up or grout. With the right planning, your renovation process will go more quickly.

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Invest in Professional Measurements

You may plan to have the professionals do all of the work or to do some yourself. You can save some money by doing your own kitchen design, but you should still have the professionals from companies like Mike’s Country Kitchens & Woodworking in Halifax come in to double-check your measurements. Having cabinets re-ordered or re-made will drastically delay finishing your kitchen, but professional measurements will help you avoid this problem.

Choose the Right Materials

Part of speeding up the process means choosing the right materials and finishing touches. Here are a few common challenges that people encounter and how you can overcome them.

  • Damaged drywall that must be repaired – It can take up to a week to fix damaged drywall and make it smooth again. Consider cutting out the damaged drywall, mounting greenboard and then putting ceramic or glass tiles in those areas. You can also do a quick coating of joint compound and then cover the entire area with textured wallpaper.
  • Tile takes days to install – By the time you prepare a floor, install the tile, wait for adhesive to dry and then grout the surface, you could wait a week or more. Engineered hardwood floors are appropriate for use in kitchens. They look great, and you can install and start using them the same day.
  • Moving plumbing requires extra time and work – Moving the sink may give you a little benefit, but is it worth the extra time? When you start moving appliances and utility lines, you’re adding to the overall timeline.


It’s estimated that kitchen renovations can boost the value of your home by an average of more than 60 percent. This makes them a smart home improvement that you’ll really enjoy. It takes time to go through the process, but it’s worth the investment of time and frustration to have a beautiful kitchen that you love cooking in.

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