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Interior Icing: Better Ideas for Sprucing Up a Boring Decor Design

Interior Icing: Better Ideas for Sprucing Up a Boring Decor Design


Regardless of the last time you updated your home’s look, you probably feel the need to spruce up its interior every now and then. Even a few months after a dramatic change, you look around and only see drab furniture, walls, and flooring. Here are a few tips to help you enhance your home interior, returning it to its former glory.

Clean Your Floors
Start with the easiest fix of all and hire a Babayan’s carpet cleaning service in Richmond Hill to clean your floors. Don’t stop at a simple carpet cleaning, and unless you can afford new furniture, ask them for full upholstery cleaning as well. Professional carpet cleaners can thoroughly reinvigorate your flooring as well as your favorite armchair. After your floors are clean, invest in a few area rugs to toss down. From playful to plush, area rugs bring a breath of fresh air to any room. They are also great for adding a bit of color where there was none before.


Replace Your Curtains
Another way to brighten any interior is by stripping down your current curtains and finding a new look. Curtains can easily set the tone of a room. From soft and floral, to a deep shade maker, or a pop of pink, how you cover your curtains can easily define a room. For now, remove your current choices and replace with new curtains. Try to choose a different pattern or color theme in order to really give the room a new energy. Now when you grow tired of your new window coverings, you can easily pull them down and hang your old curtains back up. By rotating through your curtains, you will constantly be reviving your rooms again and again.

Paint an Accent Wall
While you could always repaint your whole home interior, why not just paint an accent wall instead? Choose a color that really speaks to you, as well as matches your current furniture. For example red is a vibrant color that works well as an access wall if your furniture consists mostly of dark colors. When choosing which wall to paint, look for the focal point of the room and choose that area as your accent wall. This is a great way to use a color you usually wouldn’t want the whole room coated in.

Sprucing up your house’s interior not only brightens your home, but your mood as well. A beautiful home is something to take pride in, and these easy to follow tips will give you that extra edge and maybe even provide more ideas for décor.


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